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"Where do our mental models come from and how do they influence how we relate to data?"
"This Big other - this world of symbols and representations - defines what we see."
great talk by Will Kurt about society, individuals, data and perceptions
Here is the link to yesterday's talks! We will be editing them in the following days.
Some Insights on Nim by Aditya Siram
A little nugget: he taught us how to check for prime numbers using regex!
Charla en español! Deep Q learning con Pytorch
Hi! Today we come back with more talks. First, Viral B. Shah will give his talk: "Julia - A language for AI and much more". Later, stay tuned for Chris Rackauckas' talk: "SciML: How Language is Changing Scientific Research". Streaming will be available at 21hs UTC here:
Today is #Julialang day at #BuzzConf2020, with two talks on Data Science with Julia. As a warm up, enjoy this AMA by the creators of the language! You will be able to ask questions to Viral B Shah at 21hs UTC on our youtube live!
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in 15 minutes ! Viral B. Shah will be giving his talk about the Julia Language, its community and everything we need to now. Join here:
Hello! Today is BuzzConf's last day and we have more talks prepared for you. First at 21hs UTC we will have Pablo Fernandez and his talk: "Machine Learning in the Real World", later at 22hs UTC Peter Alvaro will join with his talk: "What not where: why a blue sky OS?". You can join here:
If you love operating systems watch Peter Alvaro’s talk now!!