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💙 BUZCOIN is a "safe haven" for investors

In the raging world of finance, it is important not only to make money, but even just to save, and preferably — increase them.

When it comes to financial turbulence, financial markets reeling, investors sought "safe haven" assets, which are reliable.

Some people, in the old times, paid attention to gold.

But how does this asset behave?

Over the past six years, this precious metal has given investors a loss of 24%.

In Russia, the search for a" safe haven " for investors is a resolved issue: BUZCOIN token is a brilliant combination of charisma and business perseverance of Olga Buzova and a bouquet of technological innovations that will be presented in BUZAR platform.

Many teams in the world are now trying to create their own market places, but BUZAR is a unique technological product.

And soon BUZCOIN will allow you to try out all capabilities of the platform BUZAR.

🖥 https://buzcoin.io

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♨️ The Bank of Thailand launches an unusual cryptocurrency

The Bank of Thailand, which is the Central Bank in this country, decided to issue its own cryptocurrency.

Thus, the authorities want to: "increase the level of technological readiness of the Thai financial sector to the use of new financial technologies that are necessary to improve operational efficiency."

In addition, the cryptocurrency project of the Bank of Thailand, which was named Inthanon, will be implemented in cooperation and on a parity basis with eight banks and other financial institutions of the country.

The Bank of Thailand plans first of all to "develop, create and test a system that would allow the transfer of significant funds using the national cryptocurrency".

🖥 https://buzcoin.io

#buzcoin #ito #token #токены #blockchain #ольгабузова #бузова #buzar
💜 BUZCOIN and Olga Buzova will not leave anyone indifferent

When discussing Olga Buzova and BUZCOIN, passions are often boiling: skeptics are trying to criticize her, but it is impossible to do, because the project is open, a team of professionals is working on it in accordance with the White Paper and the "Road map".

▫️Development goes step by step.

▫️And the project will be as successful as other initiatives of Olga Buzova.

▫️BUZCOIN will not leave anyone indifferent.

▫️And when the market place BUZAR is launched, those who did not have time to buy BUZCOIN now will have to buy a token at a high price.

▫️New, fashionable, our domestic product BUZCOIN has already won, as became a vivid topic of discussion.

▫️Buying and investing in BUZCOIN is what those who believe that the future belongs to new technologies do.

🖥 https://buzcoin.io

#buzcoin #ito #token #токены #blockchain #ольгабузова #бузова #buzar
💙 BUZCOIN-quality at the highest level!

Olga Buzova- a TV presenter, a famous person and just a woman whose lifestyle has become an example for millions.

Her project BUZCOIN also attracts attention, as the main thing in it is not the pursuit of some quantitative indicators by any means, but the desire for technological excellence.

Olga Buzova-is always for quality in everything: in business, in personal relationships.

Quality is above all-Olga's strategy, which leads to success!

💢 BUZCOIN, having appeared on the market, has become the most prominent cryptocurrency project in Russia.

The quality that will be embodied in BUZAR platform will give BUZCOIN token the opportunities that investors appreciate now and are looking forward to a working prototype.

🖥 https://buzcoin.io

#buzcoin #ito #token #токены #blockchain #ольгабузова #бузова #buzar
♨️ A super-rich Jack Lu told how to choose cryptocurrencies for investment

Jack Lu, the head of the company Wanchain, said that the current downward movement of the majority of cryptocurrencies is an "excessive correction after a significant growth of the market before", but now is a good time to buy cryptocurrencies.

Drawing a conclusion from his own experience, Lu said that investors need to choose to invest those cryptocurrencies that are "good, that is, have a clear goal, as well as enough resources for development."

Such projects — Lou is convinced of this — will be able to "survive on the market and will be able to become even stronger after such tests."

The expert also noted that it is necessary to be confident in a positive future for the crypto industry, as the mood from the financial point of view is very profitable.

He recalled that "those who in 2013 and 2014 believed in the basic cryptocurrency ideas and invested very little money in crypto-coins, then, a few years later, became super-rich»

🖥 https://buzcoin.io

#buzcoin #ito #token #токены #blockchain #ольгабузова #бузова #buzar
📌 VAT has been increased? BUZCOIN will stop the rise in prices

▫️Starting next year, the basic VAT rate has been increased from 18% to 20%.

▫️This, of course, should lead to an increase in prices in the classical formats of sale, but the technological platform BUZAR, which is inextricably linked with the tokens BUZCOIN, will allow investors to buy goods for these tokens even more profitable!

💢 Why?

BUZAR is a platform for global marketplace and the brightest ICO project in Russia.

▫️ As the specialist in this area, the French expert Olbin Gaudier, says that the savings of customers when buying on a decentralized site can be at least 10%!

▫️However, given the fact that for many large brands selling through BUZAR can become a prestigious channel for the sale of their products and services, it is worth waiting for more favorable conditions.

BUZCOIN are those tokens that open access to BUZAR platform and profitable purchases.

✔️Follow our news and do not miss the moment when you can buy tokens at an attractive price!

🖥 https://buzcoin.io

#buzcoin #ito #token #токены #blockchain #ольгабузова #бузова #buzar
💥 Have you already read what Olga Buzova wrote about BUZCOIN on her official page in the social network Vkontakte?

We have specially translated that post for you:
"Dear friends!
I declare BUZCOIN Evolution: we will build together a new social platform! BUZCOIN is a new generation social platform that will pay for the likes and shares. At our platform you will can find new friends, play social games, buy goods with discount, learning and reveal your talents.
More information you can find at www.buzcoin.io»

🔸 Follow the link to Olga's page and give us Like!

#buzcoin #ito #token #токены #blockchain #ольгабузова #бузова #buzar
Dear friends!

We made a short video about the first testing of alpha version messenger BuzChat. 💖
Soon we will post a version for public testing 🔥🔥🔥

Meanwhile, we would like to know: do you like the pink interface?

📹 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=260027401384097&id=366805253813711

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Dear friends, we present to your attention a new video about the ecosystem BUZCOIN

We remind you, the second round of ICO is in full swing
By buying Buzcoin, you become investors of the project
This is an opportunity not only to make money, but also to make the Internet a little more interesting.
Join us! 💗


Dear friends!

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