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The systems in place for the issuance & sale of primary assets are unsuitable for the decentralized future.

It is necessary to build the infrastructure that facilitates peer-to-peer primary market transactions.

πŸ”₯@BurntFinance will be that infrastructure.πŸ”₯

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NFTs: Past, Present, and Future

πŸ”₯Burnt Finance and other projects such as Phantom and Metaplex have been hard at work to create a more favorable and decentralized environment for NFT creators and sellers on the Solana ecosystem.

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Burnt Finance to Lead Adoption for a Solana NFT StandardπŸ’«

To move the community forward, a common Solana standard must be adopted and we at Burnt Finance are thrilled to be leading the way.

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The Solana NFT Alliance

BurntFinance, along with Bonfida, Phantom, SolariansNFT, Austin Virts, Metaplex is forming the SolanaNFT Alliance to promote a common tech standard among Solana -based projects.

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πŸ”₯Auctions on Burnt Finance: Part 1 and Part 2
πŸ”₯Governance on Burnt Finance
πŸ”₯The Dawn of Decentralized Auctions
πŸ”₯Burnt Finance to Lead Adoption for a Solana NFT Standard
Burnt Finance Joins the DeFi Alliance

to announce that we will be participating in Cohort 5 of the
Defi Alliance Supported by Solana, InjectiveLabs, Alpha Finance

BurntFinance will be the channel for millions of users to immerse themselves into the world of DeFi.
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πŸ”₯Governance on Burnt Finance
πŸ”₯The Dawn of Decentralized Auctions
πŸ”₯Burnt Finance to Lead Adoption for a Solana NFT Standard
πŸ”₯The Solana NFT Alliance
Excited to introduce the Solana NFT Alliance Site: http://solnftalliance.com

The Solana NFT Alliance will help to create a common NFT standard on Solana while gearing up the network for mass adoption. The genesis members of the Solana NFT Alliance include Bonfida, Metaplex, Phantom, and SolariansNFT

Since then we have had an astonishing amount of interest from Fordudesake, DeFi Land, Arweave, Star Atlas, Solana Monkey Business, Solflare Wallet and over 25 projects building on Solana 🀝

We are extremely excited to be moving the conversation forward with so many amazing projects with the same goal in mind.

More news soon.
Until then, Burn on πŸ”₯
Burnt Finance: Spark Private Early Access NFT Protocol Launch on Solana

Burnt Finance is launching private early access to its Spark testnet today!

Spark will provide users with the first ever look at the Burnt Finance platform, which currently stands as the first fully decentralized NFT auction Protocol built on Solana. Anyone will be able to mint new NFTs, purchase assets, and set up a wide array of auctions with the lowest fees.

The article here will provide more information and insights on Spark. You will also find details on how to stay updated as public access us enabled for both the product and rewards moving forward.

πŸ”₯Read More: https://bit.ly/3togdm7
Burnt Finance Access Codes are Live

Burnt Finance early access codes are now live for everyone!

Follow the instructions below to experience the most powerful decentralized NFT auction platform in the world built on Solana. On Burnt you can access limitless English and Dutch auctions. In addition, NFTs can be minted and auctioned with near zero fees at lightning fast speeds.

Early participants will share a $2,000 reward pool and also get access to new reward programs coming up.

Here's how you can start using the Burnt Finance Spark Testnet:

Activity period: October 25, 2021 6:00 PM UTC- November 1, 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC.

πŸš€Like, retweet, and tag 3 friends as a comment with #BurntFinance
πŸš€Complete all tasks here: Link
πŸš€Make sure you are following @BurntFinance on Twitter
πŸš€Make sure you have joined the official Burnt Finance Discord server: Link
πŸš€Make sure you have a Phantom wallet account: Link
πŸš€Head on over to: https://app.burnt.com/ (Make sure you are on the devnet network) Click here to learn how

The Spark testnet awaits! Join the Burnt Finance community on Discord and Twitter to stay updated on all upcoming news.

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2,000 new signups in the last hour!

If you haven't checked out the Spark Testnet yet: https://t.co/Hordx56I6n

It’s only just getting heated up πŸ”₯
On-Chain NFT Collections on Solana

By bringing collections on-chain, creators and purchasers can participate in a more secure and permissionless NFT environment for the first time.

Welcome to the future of NFT's on Burnt πŸ”₯

Next Week, the Burnt Finance Inferno Mainnet will be officially released worldwide.

Moving forward, the goal is to create new products that continue to propel Burnt into becoming the premier destination for all Web3 assets while maintaining full decentralization.

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πŸ”₯Redefining On-Chain Collections
πŸ”₯The Dawn of Decentralized Auctions
πŸ”₯Burnt Finance Launches the Spark Incentivized Testnet
πŸ”₯Burnt Finance Series A & Inferno Mainnet LaunchπŸ”₯

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We’re excited to announce our $8M Series A πŸš€

Additionally, we are even more thrilled to announce that the Inferno Mainnet is now live at app.burnt.com

Mint, Buy, Sell and Trade for zero fees with Burnt Finance exclusively on Solana.

We’re delighted to partner with Animoca Brands, Multicoin Capital, Alameda Research, DeFiance Capital, Valor Capital, Figment, Spartan, Tribe Capital, Mechanism Capital, HashKey, Play Ventures, DeFi Alliance, Injective, Vessel Capital, Terra, and many more!

Thank you to the entire Burnt community for trying out the Spark testnet. Spark generated over $100 million in transaction volume and had nearly 200,000 waitlist users.

Stay tuned for upcoming mainnet rewards and events.

Start Now: app.burnt.com

Burnt on πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯Road to Inferno Mainnet
πŸ”₯Redefining On-Chain Collections
πŸ”₯The Dawn of Decentralized Auctions

Start minting, selling, and trading NFTs with Zero Fees!

Start Now


We're glad to finally announce that Mainnet is finally live.

For the first time on Solana users can buy, sell, trade, and mint NFTs, all on a fully-decentralized protocol.

This means zero fees, zero custodians, and zero centralized parties to judge who can and cannot launch.

We are building @BurntFinance to empower Creators.

Creators on Burnt Finance will have access to the best tools to launch their own NFT projects.

First up is Launchpad Studio, which allows anyone to launch generative collections without paying any fees.

We’ll also be releasing a number of DeFi functionalities that will revolutionize how NFTs are used for liquidity, fractionalization, GameFi, and much more. Stay tuned.

Join our Discord to chat with the Burnt team and BurntBanksy about it! Discord Invite

View the Twitter announcement

Burnt on πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯Why Decentralization Matters
πŸ”₯Road to Inferno Mainnet
πŸ”₯Redefining On-Chain Collections
πŸ”₯The Dawn of Decentralized Auctions
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We just launched BurnTinder ❀️! The fastest, easiest, and sexiest way to buy NFTs, right on your phone! πŸ”₯

To try it out:
1. Access a mobile dApp browser (Phantom Mobile, Solflare Mobile, MathWallet).
2. From there, go to app.burnt.com.
3. Get swiping!

Make sure to screenshot your favorite NFT to participate in the giveaway on we’re running on Twitter!
Twitter Link: https://bit.ly/3BsqSA3

Swipe to find the NFT of your dreams for Valentine’s Day ❀️
Announcing the Burnt Finance Ignition Launchpad - the easiest way to create, mint, and sell a generative NFT collection!

πŸ”₯No application - Anyone can use it to generate their collection

πŸ”₯No listing fees - Anyone can use it regardless of budget

πŸ”₯No code - Anyone can use it regardless of technical knowledge

πŸ”₯No transaction fees - Rightfully own 100% of your collection


The first step to creating an open ecosystem for all!

Head over to https://launchpad.burnt.com/ to start generating your very own collection today! Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.