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Slowly scaling in* on Aergo since it broke downtrend. (atleast for the moment)
Did not react really on btc dump.
Cloudflare is currently down.
Bitmax, bitfinex and bitmex therefore may have loading issues or show an error.
As mentioned in the chat I started a 0,1 to 10 BTC challenge trying out BYBIT.
I am ONLY trading BTC:USD there for now. As you have to deposit the token you wanna trade (weird).
Currently in a long from 104/105.
HTF structure looks bullish af imo.

Why bybit and not mex? No overload, nice UI and I wanna test it.
Can try it out if you want with some free $$ from them.
5 minutes for $ERD to start trading. Expect huge volume draining from most of the market.
If your coin isn’t at support - it probably goes there. (Hope that support holds ;) )
There may be some coins - especially the other IEOs that could still do good. (CELR probably has the most interesting chart)
But in my eyes - let’s watch first and react. No need to gamble
by mork
in at 38 sats with my phone.
Lets hope CZ keeps it in the normal rythm. pamp
BullishKid and Friends
added few more positions as my indicator says pump. Lets see. Stop raised to a bit above entry
that was the first time my indicator was wrong in a few weeks. Nevertheless I think $BTC still looks good. Holding on to my long