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• Singapore's biggest bank DBS has announced a partnership with The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming virtual world.

• As part of the partnership, DBS will create a metaverse experience and buy land in The Sandbox.

• ETHW, the Proof-of-Work fork of the Ethereum blockchain, will launch its hard fork within 24 hours of the Merge. The exact time will be announced one hour before launch and all code and files will be made public when it goes live.

• Several exchanges have expressed interest in ETHW. One of the reasons for staying on PoW is for security, but the ETHW team is marketing the chain as a way for miners to continue to earn money.

Web3 can only be as decentralized as its supporting infrastructure

Contrary to Satoshi Nakamoto’s initial Bitcoin whitepaper, modern blockchains are far more centralized than desired. If collusion of major node providers happens, Web3 will lose all of its merits over Web2, including censorship resistance and trustworthiness. It would be left with just its shortcomings, including comparatively expensive fees and poor transactional throughput.

To prevent centralization and blockchain’s infamous “single point of failure,” decentralized infrastructure providers are gaining significant traction. This bodes well for the likelihood that Web3 ecosystems will stay robust and decentralized.

Towards a Decentralized Web: A small number of powerful technological businesses effectively dictate what users see and do online. As a result, rather than becoming a democracy (where users own and control their data), the internet has changed into something more akin to an oligopoly (where a few firms possess and manage user data).

Read more: https://medium.com/@blockless/towards-a-decentralized-web-73e880d0b1d1
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Web3 for UN SDGs: Today at 5:30PM (IST)// 12PM (GMT)

• Former State Secretary, Prime Minister's Office - Slovenia
• CTO of Alphafin
• Blockchain tech coordinator, Ministry of Economic Dev & Tech, Slovenia
• Chief Metaverse Officer, Cyber Gear

Chair: Dr Metaverse (CEO, The Metaverse Institute)

Set a reminder: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ynJOadBnbAKR

Discussion group: https://t.me/hashtagweb3
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Portraits of 30-year-old billionaire men from 25 countries, created by AI.
Messaging friends and family is the primary reason why 3 billion people use Facebook each month.

Instagram's 2 billion monthly active users are particularly interested in sharing their own content. Also, 60% of Instagram users visit the platform to follow or research brands.

TikTok is primarily used to find funny and entertaining content.

Twitter Space Announcement: GameFi in 2023
- on 23rd Feb: 10am GMT

Details/ Set a reminder: https://twitter.com/hashtag_web3/status/1628463572123783169
How to level UP your linkedin game: https://twitter.com/vedangvatsa/status/1634015177401069568

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