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{Doing dev work active right now}

{panels, scrapers, checkers, malware, ransomware, crypters, bypasses, selenium, live panels, phishing pages, etc.}

{Can work in Python/C#/PHP}

{ Contact }

{Channel has more information}

{DM for pricing of custom things / example work}
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{Carrier Checker}

{Price - 300}

{Data-Sample - }

{.Py} {Source-Code}
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@he + @her
co: 2.2k

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πŸ‘Ύ Token Cult NFT's - Sweet & Simple Tasks for Huge Amounts of Cash

πŸ”¨ You're Job: Message Admins at NFT Discord Servers with a Script we give you to log there Discord token. From there on we will hack there NFT Discord server and steal all there members wallets.

πŸ’° Average Cashout: $25K USD. For more information, Join the Channel Below πŸ‘‡
Verizon Up - @jaaccckkk
1/5 Slots - $4200 Per
Escrow Required (walk in)
BRICKSQUAD pinned Β«Verizon Up - @jaaccckkk 1/5 Slots - $4200 Per Escrow Required (walk in)Β»
made 1 billion $
why do innys
disappear randomly
what is going on guys
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Anyone wanna buy a combo maker? @jaaccckkk
hit up @nutcase78 if u can edr NO BS
Larp justin active cant afford that
join up @drugged
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finna have these coming in soon, vendor WILL USE ON-SITE MM comment below if ur interested or dm @druggie
Forwarded from eMarket (druggie (bio for services))
🎁eMarket Giveaway🎁

$250 btc prizeπŸ’°


1️⃣. JOIN

2️⃣. comment 1 time saying β€œcheck in”

3️⃣. comment 1 time or you will be removed from the giveaway.

4️⃣. eMarket must pass 1500 subscribers for the giveaway to end.

5️⃣. must also join to claim your prize.

SPECIAL RULE: if you can provide proof of you getting someone to join this channel you will be granted an extra entry. (1 person = 1 entry)


πŸŽ‰good luck to allπŸŽ‰
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