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Team BrickEX attending the Blockchain summet in Malta!
We had a great time on the Blockchain Summit in Malta! We met with a lot of interesting people!
If you want more information about tokenization of real estate, or you have connections with real estate companies who are open for tokenization, send me a message! Trade Global Real Estate through BrickEX


The mission of BrickEX: We want to be the Binance of Real Estate trading!
We’re focussing on the 5 problems the real estate industry is facing now.
Liquidity: Giving access to liquidity in an illiquid industry.
Value: Creating a global central real estate repository.
Transparency: Creating global open real estate repository and increased transparency.
Efficiency: Eliminating the negative impact of banking, currency, notaries and attorneys.
Accessibility: Lowering investment thresholds.

Make sure to check this information before asking questions!

What is BrickEX?

BrickEX - Ledger demo:

BrickEX - Exchange demo:

How to buy BRICK (BRI) TOKENS:

The only place where you can buy the BRICK tokens is on

The Price of 1 BRICK token is 0,10$

At this moment we are in the PRIVATE SALE
*We locked the current Ethereum price on 300 Dollars
*With 50% bonus, with this token you are ready to buy and trade Real Estate!
Make sure to read the WhitePaper:

If you have questions regarding the private Sale make sure to the admin a message!

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Brickexio pinned « Trade Global Real Estate through BrickEX Tokenization/Crowdfunding/Investing The mission of BrickEX: We want to be the Binance of Real Estate trading! We’re focussing on the 5 problems the real estate industry is facing now. Liquidity: Giving…»
Take a look at the BrickEX exchange, at this moment the developers are working on three different systems related to asset tokenization and the BrickEX exchange. These three systems are:
1. General asset tokenization with Ethereum ERC20, ERC721 and ERC998 smart contracts. It’s modular and blockchain agnostic, can be extended easily to connect to other blockchains, not only Ethereum!
2. Platform to publicize and sell tokenized assets, this process is similar to a STO.
3. And the BrickEX exchange for tokenized assets.
What is the power of BrickEX? And why it is such a good fit for the current real estate market. Brickex is reinventing how the world buys and sells real estate by utilizing blockchain technology for the first time ever we have the ability the digitize hard assets this is going to have a massive impact globally but the most exciting application is in the real estate market. At this moment real estate is the second largest marketplace in the world(217TR), but it is extremely illiquid, and extremely frictioned, But now using the BrickEX exchange we are going to make real estate trading as easy as trading a share of a company by using blockchain technology. On the decentralized BrickEX exchange you can now start buying your portfolio of tokenized real estate assets by using our BRICK token This will enable some huge benefits like cross-border real estate investing and creating liquidity in an illiquid market, also we are able to cut the middleman out, that's why it is less expensive to make your real estate investments.
When you log in to the BrickEX exchange, you will see this user board where you can manage your own Investment and the available investments. Of course, this is just an example but the developers are working hard to finish the BrickEX exchange in the meantime we are focussing on Real estate based partnerships! If you have any connections who are interesting in the blockchain technology of BrickEX or tokenization send me a message!
Tech update Nov 23rd

The last weeks the technology team has worked on several tasks. The main one being the preparation of the system for the white label solution.
We had several design meetings, we decided to start developing a ‘boutique’ white label service, trying to target big Real Estate players instead of the smaller ones.

Having this in mind, we’ve designed a plugin based architecture for the backend, to help the process of creating different solutions for different real estate agencies and developers. The idea is to be able to re-use some plugins for other customers, so we can centralize the testing and upgrading process for all our customers.

Another task related to that topic is to create a specific landing page for this service. We’re creating this website as a specific brand to structure the different services in a logical way. This website is somehow a more standard corporative page, with the blog and this kind of stuff, but with the ‘powered by BrickEX’ label.

Of course, we did lots of other stuff like checking the investing tool ( to find any bug or issue, decide what metrics to analyze, and we are testing a new tool that can be useful for future projects, a tokenization API:

This tool is meant to be used for third party property providers, but maybe it can be extended eventually to be a completely independent tool. In summary, you can create your own tokens easily, send transactions, and all the basic stuff you can do with ERC20 and 721 contracts.

What’s next?

This tokenization tool or the white label solution is a very interesting project, but we cannot lose the focus on the BrickEX exchange. Our investing platform is performing well, but there are tons of features to add and some details to polish. During the development of the white label platform, we’ll invest time in deciding the new features for the main platform.