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Shortest explanation video of BPC . Thanks to BuyUcoin ....🤝
You can choose any staking period by web wallet . Now user can choose any staking period by day one but by only web wallet. This change will be apply soon in android app.
There was an issue in the KYC module .Now issue has been fixed . Users can make withdrawal on Saturday. But withdrawal day will be remain same as before ,on Friday only .
Dear Users,

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully integrated the new chain at staking platform. Now you can start staking again and make withdrawals and deposits like earlier. Please make note that all the previous addresses have been removed and every user has a new address on the new chain, so please don't use any old address(es).

Warning: Withdrawal and Deposits at the Mining Platform are inactive as they are still on the old chain. So please don't deposit your BPC to your Mining Platform address. Doing so will result in non-recoverable loss of funds.

Thank You.
Dear Users,

You are hereby informed that due to recent upgrade Send and Receive options are currently not working at the mobile application(Android APP) of our staking platform. Our team is working to rectify the issue and hence you are requested to use the web platform till the next update. We humbly apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Thank You.
Now you can send and receive BPC by mining platform too.Now we are working on Android app .So kindly use web wallet for staking .
Some users were facing some issue regarding BPC receive/send .But now we have fixed all .So we are going to close all tickets .If anyone facing any issue then create ticket only ,no email .We will resolve your issue within 24 hours .
Check July offer in today's offer section

Dear community members, we have recently noticed that some users are sending their funds to the old addresses. As stated earlier, sending coins to old addresses results in loss of your Backpacker coin and funds sent to old addresses are non-recoverable.

We request you to save the newest addresses from all the platforms and use them for future transactions. Also please cross check the address twice before sending funds to it.

Thank You
We are waiting for a new era of travel as well as a wealthy investor who can given new life to the travel industry .

Some of our community members had queries about if we are going to list on other exchanges. As you know most exchanges look forward to listing coins with a healthy community and solid use case. We have good hopes for the upcoming Christmas. We will be live on good exchanges once we ink partnerships with different Travel Players. Rest assured we are live and making good progress on the tech side.

Thank You
If Anyone facing any issue regarding deposit/withdrawal, staking reward then mail us at
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