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A world class super artificial intelligence bot designed to do all the market analysis for you and trade the selected market for you with a 99.9% guarantee of making you money from the market.

Botmargin is your magical bot designed to help you win trades
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In the next 24 hrs MTT token distribution for public sale participants would come to an end and the next distribution would be for those who earned BTM during free giveaways.

Thank you.
General Notice!!!

In respect to those who won BTM Tokens during the numerous giveaways should please send their erc20 wallet address holding the free BTM to

Do this now with the subject as "REDEEM MY GIVEAWAY" so you too can join the trading market on vindax ASAP.

Botmargin Team.
General Notice!!!

All BTM giveaways have been converted to MTT and the same distributed to the respective winners.


All Regional heads and Community leaders should send an email to containing their Erc 20 address, bot id and position held.
In the next 24hrs distribution of tokens to traders who lost out during the first token swap will commence.

Thank you.
BotMargin updated group photo

Distribution of tokens to all traders who lost funds at whatsoever point of all upgrades should request for refund by writing to

All refunds would be calculated at a basic rate chosen by team to ensure the token supply goes round to everyone.

Please send the following info to the team
1. Bot id
2. Erc20 wallet address
3. Amount lost in trade (deposit not expected profit).

Never send your info twice or try sending a figure different from what is on records. This can lead to disqualifying you from getting your refund.

Thank you.
Botmargin Team.
We are glad to announce that the Mtt/Btc trading pair is now available for trading on

Thank you for your support.
Please for those who got the demon reply back from our mail server saying their mail failed to deliver should please exercise patients. There is an ongoing upgrade on server thats the reason.
Server is back up and functional. Every bounced email can now be resent to
Good News!!!

All locked accounts are now free and the 90days ban uplifted because during the creation of the new algorithm it entailed wiping off sementric data which means all accounts are now held under a single string (active).

Locked account holders van now email details to
Collection of data for refund has been officially closed. Please no need to send yours if you haven't already and of you sent twice and got disqualified please no need to write to support.

There would be no response to that effect as we are moving forward.
Thank you.

The above address is invalid. Please if you own this address contact me asap to correct it and claim your refund.
All tokens has been successfully distributed.

Please you can now deposit your MTT on vindax or wait for bot to be opened for trading where you can deposit your MTT for fees.

Thank you all for your co-operation.🤝
2nd phase of token distribution is over.

Please bear with us if you didn't get yours before we got exhausted.

This is because team used the data collated from the first set of traders who sent their details accurately divided by the total available mtt for distribution to arrive at the price used during the distribution.

When we had people left behind the value could no longer correspond with the available mtt balance.

We just have to move on to the next phase to ensure trading commences on a week or two.

Thank you.
Everyone yet to receive their MTT should reach out to their community leader with their information.

Community leaders have the grace of 3 days to send the details of all remaining refundees in their region to my inbox in a single file.

We aim to carry everyone along for the new phase.
All pending data sent in by various team leaders have been received. There will be an update when the distributions are made.

Team would not be taken aback on this again if you missed out in sending your data.

MTT Added successfully! Trading to resume real soon. Stay tuned!!
Bot in testnet and about 95% completion, soon to be migrated to mainnet in a couple of days.

Stay tuned.
All Team heads and Regional leaders are charged to clean up all their rooms this week and charge up their members in preparation to trade resumption.

No Botmargin room should welcome any spam of any kind. Any inactive room or room left unattended would have their leaders resolved immediately.