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In our restaurant, fun nights are something special! When the sun sets beyond the horizon and the lights of the restaurant come on, a true show of taste and merriment begins. Guests gather in a cozy atmosphere to enjoy exquisite cuisine, live music, and excellent service. Laughter, lively conversations, and joyful moments fill the air, creating a unique festive atmosphere every evening. And gatherings with friends or loved ones become even more memorable thanks to the vibrant evenings at our restaurant.
+1 (905) 597-2900
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Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Eastern European Toronto at Bomond Restaurant, where you can enjoy late-night festivities in one of the city's most renowned neighborhoods. This establishment is dedicated to providing a combination of dancing and exceptional culinary delights. The menu at Bomond Restaurant is inspired by beloved ingredients, while the evening shows draw inspiration from Toronto's top party destinations. Our unique offerings include a pre-set delectable menu, all-night entertainment, the option to bring your own alcohol, and opportunities for dancing and special events. Immerse yourself in the W curated sips and bites, and elevate your experience with nightly DJs, a variety of dish selections, and much more.
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You are invited to a fun Saturday party! Join us this Saturday at 8 pm for an unforgettable time of fun, dancing, and good company.
We look forward to seeing you at 1200 Highway 7, Unit 5, Toronto, ON .
See you there!
To reserve a table for 4 or more people, you can do so on our website.
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Enter the heartbeat of Eastern European Toronto, Bomond Restaurant, and experience late night revelry and Toronto’s most celebrated neighbourhoods.

This place is all about dancing and indulging into great food experience.
Bomond Restaurant’s menu features dishes inspired by the ingredients we all love and night shows taking cues from the best party places in Toronto.
Only at our place you can benefit from:
⁃ Pre-set delicious Menu
⁃ All-Night Entertainment
⁃ Your own alcohol
⁃ Dancing and Events Celebrating
Indulge in Bomond curated sips and bites, and amp it up with nightly DJ’s, dishes selections and more.
Every Saturday 💃
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+1 (905) 597-2900
Every Saturday 🎉