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But this does not mean that we have to do that, it will follow the progress of BOHR and make some changes to adapt to the market.(3/3)
Pac-Man Farm handed over to the community to submit tokens:

Complete engagements with other tokens to participate in Pac-Man.
In the same process, participate in the lock-up at the stage of price, and get sand dollars and 🍬.
0.1 BNB Gas Fee for the first 7 days.
1 BNB Gas Fee after 7 days.
The Pac-Man chapter is complete.
They work according to plan.
Changes to future plans will be decided by #snapshot voting.

Let's shout together: Metaverse😋😋😋

#BOHR #Boverse #BOND
If there is any opinion on the progress of the project,
As long as you have 10K BOHR, you will have the right to initiate a proposal.

Take advantage of it, BOHR doesn't take away anyone's power to speak, it's decentralized.
The gas fee is increased to 1 BNB, but your yield will be 0.1 bnb 🍬x10 relative to 🍬.
For 🍬, it always keeps giving the fund more fuel.
For Pac-Man, it remains relatively "free".
Tweet from BOHR (@BOHRweb):
Update coming soon!

Standard: 2 BOHR
Complex: 10 BOHR

Increase its usage while giving $BOHR more utility.

#BOHR #BohrTools
$BOHR of #Boverse #Metaverse
$BOHR of #Boverse #Metaverse
$BOHR of #Boverse #Metaverse
$BOHR of #Boverse #Metaverse
$BOHR of #Boverse #Metaverse
$BOHR of #Boverse #Metaverse
$BOHR of #Boverse #Metaverse
$BOHR of #Boverse #Metaverse
We have witnessed the power of decentralization.
$Shiyc is one of the components of $BOHR to Mars.
It always provides burn programs for #BOHR.
In the Boverse world, Shiyc will join us in the Metaverse.
🔥 861.952947 $BOHR -> transferred to dead wallet.
🔥 461.086955 $BOHR -> transferred to dead wallet.
🔥 75.730639 $BOHR -> transferred to dead wallet.
🔥 1,488.728573 $BOHR -> transferred to dead wallet.
Proposal: Support Sand Dollar Transfers

Sand dollar supports its transfers before the metaverse is completed.
It only transfers money within the Boverse platform, not in #BSC.
You can transfer from one address to another without going through the chain.
To prevent malicious transfers, each transfer needs to deduct 1 🍬.

Pac-Man voting is a statistical thread, it is only enabled in special cases.
Special case: The proposal is controversial, resulting in a case where the ratio of support and against is about the same.
Proposal: Boverse Mutation Reagent

Buy Mutation Reagents (Boverse items) for 100 sand dollars to mutate candies.
🍬 mutates into a BohrChain Coin.

BohrChain, like BSC, HECO and Matic, works with most wallets. It was necessary for us to announce this and let the BohrArmy know of its existence.

🍬 requires a mutation reagent to be changed into a BohrChain Coin.

Why do you need BohrChain?
BohrChain only serves Boverse. It is beneficial to reduce the gas fee on the chain. Our core always maintains BOHR. The BOHR metaverse requires more interaction and lower gas fee.

In order to ensure that 🍬 is not over-consumed, the 2,000,000 BOHR Limited Pac-Man will be cancelled to ensure that BohrArmy holds more 🍬.
Proposal: BohrChain Total Supply
Confirm the total supply of BohrChain's main coin.

When the number is reached, the Mutation reagent will stop.
Proposal: Incentive scheme on BOHR LAND

Sand Dollar Rewards:
100 BOHR per lock to Pac-Man:
Brave: 0.1/day
Epic: 0.3/day
Legendary: 0.5/day

Rewards for BOHR LAND:
Land reward: 5 sand dollars/1 land

Use the BOHR to vote on whether the BOHR LAND should have a sand dollar reward.
What Is BohrChain?
BohrChain is an Ethereum-compatible sidechain. BohrChain is an EVM-based blockchain. The most popular BOHR metaverse(Boverse) built on BohrChain.And allows users to swap tokens within theBoverse ecosystem.

What Makes BohrChain Unique?
BohrChain stands out thanks to several main benefits.

First, the blockchain offers cheap and fast transactions.

Second, users can withdraw Boverse assets Cross-chain or back to the Ethereum orBSC mainnet with its BohrChain Bridge. That means conveniently swap tokens to other cryptocurrencies.(2)

Third, it offers simplified onboarding for new users with a fiat on-ramp and a native wallet, lowering the barriers to entry for new players and making it easy to get started even for cryptocurrency newbies.(3)

BohrChain validator?
In its first phase, at least five validators outside of non-team member will join the BohrChain network, and at least one external teams will be building DAPP on top of it. (4)

The second phase will see 10 external validators and three external teams, In its final phase, BohrChain anticipates 21 validators in its network that receive fees from protocols the BohrChain.(5)