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We’re hodling our #bitcoin into the 2090s and beyond with the new limited edition Jade Transparent.

Inspired by the past, built for the Bitcoin future.

Photography by Kazzykazycom.

Get yours today on the Blockstream Store:
The Layer-2 Roundup has returned. This month's issue explores some of the most exciting projects being built on the Liquid Network and their teams' plans for 2023.

Despite an industry-wide slowdown, Liquid made significant strides in ecosystem growth, primarily driven by the maturity of projects that were in development. In this post, we cover some of these as well as give updates on others, including:

- Blockstream
- Bitcoin Reserve
- Bitmatrix
- Fuji Money
- Raretoshi
- SideSwap
- Zaprite
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Check out our 2022 review!

We're incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work on #Bitcoin & push the boundaries of what's possible in the space.

We thank our collaborators & competitors for pushing us to constantly improve.

We look forward to continuing to build & seeing what the future holds!
We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $125 million in convertible note and secured loan financing to expand our institutional #Bitcoin mining colocation services.

“Blockstream had a strong 2022 with 3x revenue growth from 2021, & strong demand for hosting into 2023 to expand for, with a return to a bullish market, with Bitcoin up 40% in the first 3 weeks of 2023 alone.”

- Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back for BTC Times

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📡 Incoming Transmission 🛰

Attention engineers, designers, and Bitcoin plebs, tired of seeing the latest outrage on social media? Opt out and join the #BuildOnL2 community, slated to go live next week on Thursday, February 9.

Come build with us.
IMPORTANT REMINDER for Liquid developers and members: On January 25, at block 2197440, the DynaFed transition occurred successfully. As a result, peg-in addresses generated before that date belong to the previous fedpegscript. Old addresses will be honored for a limited period, until the end of the current epoch, on February 7.

Funds sent to old peg-in addresses will be lost as Elements will not accept the claim transaction. This does not affect already claimed funds, as this only applies to new peg-ins.

Please confirm that you are not caching or reusing old peg-in addresses in your code. For those not doing peg-ins, nothing has changed.

If you have any questions, please ask us here or by email:
The future is bright for #Bitcoin and #BuildOnL2 is the platform where you can help create it.

Join to be a part of this exciting community.

🌟 Connect with global experts
💡 Share your own knowledge and skills
🚀 Collaborate on open source projects
Announcing an all-new Blockstream Green design, now available in beta for Android users!

We have been hard at work on some updates to our mobile experience that make it easier to take advantage of the full range of powerful features that Green has to offer.

When you enroll in the new beta program, users will have priority access to new features, such as a self-custodied Lightning wallet, improved watch-only capabilities, and integration with even more hardware wallets.

This is just the start!
We've released a new options client that allows you to create fully-collateralized options contracts on Liquid without the need for intermediaries. Read the reference implementation below to begin leveraging Liquid's smart contracts and building non-custodial financial products.
Liquid engineer Randall Naar explains how to port and issue assets on Liquid and the benefits the network can bring asset issuers and holders with Taproot and multisig schemes like MuSig and FROST.

Read more:

A reference guide showing how to port from Solana to Liquid can be found on BOL2:
Today, we're formalizing our Blockstream Research division, an applied research team renowned for its open-source contributions to Bitcoin Core and the introduction of new scripting languages, digital signatures, and off-chain protocols.

In addition to an all-new look, we have a new website and GitHub repo. Follow blksresearch (on Twitter) to learn more and to stay at the forefront of Bitcoin-focused cryptography research and development.
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Join #BuildOnL2 to learn how to wield Liquid Bitcoin in web apps!

Sign up for the free, nym friendly, community for #Bitcoin builders to get access to the livestream happening later this week. ⬇️
We’re excited to announce that the Core Lightning community of Build On L2 is now open!

Start a discussion, connect with developers on passion projects, read the knowledge base, learn how to optimize your CLN node, or RSVP for live educational workshops and presentations hosted in-platform.

The platform is open and free but you'll need to sign up (nyms welcome) to access all the goods! Other features coming to the platform soon:

- Zerofeerouting masterclass
- Early-stage start-up help
- Project bounties
- Builder tournaments

See you there! 🌊 ⚡️
Don’t miss the #BlockstreamGreen new UX beta, live on iOS TestFlight NOW!

Help us make Green better and get access to upcoming features before they hit the app store like:

⚡️ A self-custodial Lightning wallet
👀 Watch only #Bitcoin wallets in Green
🔐 More hardware wallet integrations
Blockstream Talk #20 just dropped featuring Mifiel CEO & co-founder Tomás Alvarez. Mifiel has been using Liquid to issue digitized promissory notes in Mexico. Learn more about how these assets are structured and how Liquid is creating more financial inclusion. ⬇️