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​​Facite - Blockchain Business Model In Kazakhstan

The main goal of the Facite investment project is to develop the financial and economic environment in Kazakhstan using blockchain technology.

The Facite Foundation built and operates a mining center in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan based on geographical conditions, government policies, and electricity schemes for the mining industry. Some of the revenues from the mining center are shared with Facite token holders and the profits from the Facite Foundation's projects in Kazakhstan are also allocated to the community.

The Facite Foundation also operates Kazakh bus cards and solar power plants. The solar power plant will be built in Almaty, one of the three major cities of Kazakhstan. The Facite Foundation will receive and provide a portion of the profits generated in these two projects to Facite token holders.


40% token sales
20% company operations
10% team members
10% marketing
10% development
5% advisors
5% reserves

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​​In less than a month, our community has grown from 100 to 14,000 people!

This indicates a high interest in our project and its main idea - a fair lottery with the possibility of mining lottery tickets.

We will continue to work for you. Thanks for your support!

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​​Amanpuri is planning an ICO for it’s exchange currency
and now it’s on pre-sale.

Unlike many other tokens, AML issued by Amanpuri can be used by users and
it can reduce 50% of the commission when trading.


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​​Good evening dears😍

We have updated the data about our project on the masternode tracking site -

Introducing GEXAN
The first blockchain and self smart contracts-based cryptocurrency with masternodes and lotto games.

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​​Prominent investors go on bitcoin investment one after another

・ Bitcoin value rises!
BTC has renewed its highs this year!
Congratulations to those who have benefited...and more!

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​​A huge news again🚀🔥📈

Gexan will be listed on new big exchange (volume more then 500 mln. $) —

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​​Our predecessor has been managing the assets of high leverage system in Belize since 2011 in FX field and the project is managed by a team of experienced financial experts.

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​​Why should I choose Veil?

All existing privacy coins expose users to trade-offs and compromises. Some offer always-on privacy, but are based on technologies that may not prove sufficiently anonymous in the long-term. Others, based on advanced cryptography, allow for non-private transactions, which tends to confound and confuse their users.

Veil is working to offer an unprecedented level of always-on privacy and anonymity. When Veil’s roadmap is completed, you will never have to worry about accidentally making a non-private transaction.

Furthermore, in the interest of long-term viability, the Veil network is designed to provide funding for its ongoing operations as well as continued research and development in the fields of cryptography and blockchain technologies.

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​​A huge news again🚀🔥📈

Gexan will be listed on new big exchange (volume more then 500 mln. $) —

#blockchain #IEO #GEXAN #Lottery

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​​Zero-Knowledge Proofs To Help Decentralised Exchanges Speeding Up

(BlockBar) A good news for those decentralized exchanges who always face slow speed problem. Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), a cryptographic solution could help slow decentralized exchanges (DEXs) reach speeds comparable to other traditional platforms.

DEX is a San Francisco-based startup 0x and is partnering with the Israeli software-as-service company StarkWare. They are working together to test a ZKP solution called StarkDEX. It is assumed that it can process roughly 500 transactions per second.

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“Bitcoin price continues to rise”
In the cryptocurrency industry, there are several experts who say that the current market is already entering a new bull market.
...and more!

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​​Check out the latest publication describing how Stellerro is leading the way in issuing fully compliant asset-backed digital securities helping companies raise the capital they need

#securitytoken #erc #blockchain #liquidity #fintech

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Stellerro, an alternative investment banking platform, automated, in-scale, determined to bring liquidity to the digital era.

Plans to launch its fully regulated STO by mid-June, 2019.

Stellerro, an alternative investment banking platform based both in Israel and Spain, announced the excepted launch of its new ESMA fully regulated Security Token Offering for the new ownership and rev-share asset class: the STRO token.

Self-founded in mid-2018 by an experienced group of entrepreneurs from the Israeli capital markets & fintech industries, all are Blockchain veterans: Aviad Gindi - CEO, Dror Medalion - GM, Elad Kofman -CSO, Noam Barnea -CTO & Liron Rose - Advisory lead.
​​#Tecra doesn’t slow down and keeps receiving invitations from different companies. We’ve just finished fruitful meetings with investors from Europe (Rome, Berlin, Kostrzyn).

In Kostrzyn we established details with German company. More information soon!

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​​What is AMANPURI?

AMANPURI offers an ideal UI that satisfies all users, from new users to professional traders.

Our multilingual customer support will available via telephone and it reduces the customer’s stress level.

We provide innovative solutions to hacking damage that is considered to be a problem in crypto currency exchanges.

We protect customer assets 100% by partnering with major custodians.

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Hurry up and join us to start building your passive income.
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​​Tomorrow at 3 PM EDT, we’re hosting an AMA with @ProjectVeil's founder, James Burden @4x133. Join the our Telegram group to read the conversation and submit questions.

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The Japanese government changed the virtual currency, including bitcoins, to “crypto assets”.
The Japanese government has decided to introduce the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, which incorporates ...and more!

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​​On Amanpuri, you can do leverage trading up to 100x by using aboard matching system, but we also can do physical trading.

Amanpuri supports both spot and leverage trading users.


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