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Paid Research Report Opportunity

We are excited to exclusively present to you one of BEN’s first PAID research opportunities. We have been approached by Smartswap, a “one click slippage-free cross-chain swap” who wish to have a research paper conducted.

Research Brief:

The primary aim of the research paper is to compare Smartswap’s capabilities to traditional AMMs and DEXs. The paper should be geared towards Smartswap’s ability to have no need for liquidity providers (LPs) ; the implications of diminishing LPs during bear markets should be discussed in comparison to SMART, shedding light on the long term scalability of the project, as well as the limitations of AMMs and centralized cross-chain DEXs with centralized points of failure.

Smartswap’s Website:

We will be paying $100 to the individual/organisation who are selected to undertake this project.

If anyone from your organisation is interested in writing this paper please fill out the google doc below and we will be in contact with the best suited applicants.

All the best,

The BEN team.
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