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Just some background info on me, so new members understand the context from which I review these projects: I am an investor, with a software+hardware engineering and entrepreneurial background.

My goal with these reviews is to stay as objective as possible - I will focus on presenting the facts in an easily digestible way, and evaluate the projects' progress in achieving their use cases in the context of the their target market, team, and unfair unadvantages.
Ferrum Network: Crosschain decentralized network and exchange.

Favorable token metrics and detailed plan for user adoption in underserved markets. Technical founder.
A short interview from @aswlee on how I use code to evaluate projects. Make sure to check out his new publication focused the future of crypto investing, fundamentals & real world application of crypto!
Privatix: Internet broadband marketplace.

1.7M users on their currently centralized VPN offering. VPN is just one of the use-cases of the network, but will be a strong go-to-market strategy where the team has years of domain expertise.

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Elrond: blockchain w/ adaptive state sharding and SPoS.

Elrond Network implements adaptive state sharding, which allows the network to scale linearly: more validators = more throughput and data. Open source, live testnet, and performance testing!

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