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Next week in our colloquium: Gerardo Ortega/University of Birmingham: "The role of gesture in the acquisition of a sign language as a second language".
Tue 24.11 at 14:00
This Tuesday (1.12) in our colloquium: Bracha Nir from the University of Haifa. Title: "Between Morphology and Syntax: Argument Structure Constructions in Hebrew"
Next Tue, 8.12.20, Adam Schembri from the University of Birmingham will talk about "Sign language corpus projects: What we have learned about Auslan and BSL".
This week there's no colloquium talk; our next talk will be on Tue 22.12: Tamar Degani from the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, University of Haifa will give a talk titled "Multilingualism and adult vocabulary learning".
This Tuesday in our linguistics colloquium: Gal Nitsan, University of Haifa & IDC — "Eye-gaze, Cognition and Spoken Word Recognition".
Tue 29.12 at 14:00
Tue 5.1.2021 in our linguistics colloquium: Marisa Casillas / Max Planck Institute, "Comparing early language development in two subsistence communities".
This Tuesday (19.1.21) in the BIU linguistics colloquium: Erez Levon from the University of Bern will give a talk titled "Negotiating subjective conflict: Language, belonging and same-sex desire in Israel"
The first colloquium talk of the second semester will be given by Doron Dotan from Tel Aviv University on Tuesday 9.3.21 at 14:00. Title of the talk: "The role of language and memory in numerical and mathematical thinking"
Our next colloquium talk, by Olga Kagan from Ben Gurion University, will be titled "Singulativity, the Mass-Count Distinction, and The Russian Suffix -in".
Tuesday 16.3 at 14:00, via Zoom.
Tuesday 6.4 in our linguistics colloquium: Yarden Kedar from Beit Berl College will give a talk titled "Language, Identity and Motivation: A Jewish-Palestinian Bilingual Language Café in Jerusalem".
Next week in our colloquium: Hila Gendler Shalev, University of Haifa: "The Hebrew Web Communicative Development Inventory (MB-CDI): Lexical Development Growth Curves"
Tue 13.4 at 14:00, via Zoom.
This Tuesday (20.4) in the linguistics colloquium: Hamutal Kreiner, University of Haifa. Title: "Bilingual Performance: The dynamic relationship between long-term and short-term cross-language processes"
Our next colloquium will host Inbal Arnon from the Hebrew University, who will talk about The learnability consequences of Zipfian distributions
Tue 27.4.21 at 14:00
Next Tuesday our colloquium speaker will be Nufar Sukenik (BIU), who will talk about Linguistic profiles of children with ASD.
Tue 4.5 at 14:00, via Zoom.
Tue 11.5 in our linguistics colloquium: Tami Harel, University of Haifa; title: Age-Related Differences in the use of semantic context and the effects of competition.
Next Tuesday (25.5.21) we'll host Reut Tsarfaty (Bar-Ilan) who will talk about Abstraction in Natural Language.
This Tuesday in the linguistics colloquium: Gili Diamant from HUJI, "Conceptual categories in contact - the case of possession in Irish English". 1.6.21 at 14:00, via Zoom.
Tuesday 8.6 at 14:00: David Roberts will give a talk titled "Investigating the performance of weak and strong readers in ten Niger-Congo tone orthographies".
Our last colloquium meeting for this year will consist of 3 talks by our former and present MA and PhD students: Sid Gordon, Marah Jaraisy & Iris Hindi.
Tue 29.6 at 14:00
Next week, on July 11-13 Bar Ilan University will be hosting the 36th annual conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics, IATL 36. While originally this conference was planned to take place on campus, it will be an online conference.
Participation is free, but registration is required.