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Update BETA for Telegram Personal Wallet.
Fixed consensus bug.
Made early fixes to downloader to prevent long lagging behind.

Download: (Windows x64) (Windows x86)
BITSUM is struggling to find new exchanges, we have new exchanges but they have high fees of 3 BTC, 5 BTC etc and We don't have high fees to pay but since we have a big community so we are creating a donation campaign to collect 3 BTC. If you all people donate then we can achieve this Goal and list in New Exchange. Send your Contribution to below BTC Address 3HTzJzjSSPm1buhZKDxjBZskjEUuFxRhAY 👍
Donation in BITSUM is activated at , Now go to @KickBitBot and Donate for Marketing, also you can track donated amount in this channel we are expecting MINERS to help us with a big DONATION so that we can work on this area and spread INFO about BITSUM.
We've fixed our paperwallet ( Now you can import your wallets using new GUI wallet. Check this video:
We are going to rollback! Please stop mining!
We are working on Pool Payment module, All mined coin will be paid once payment module is ready.
Dear users, we are pleased to announce that Bitsum (BSM) has been listed to BITEXBOOK exchange!
Now you can trade or withdraw BSM easily, quickly and with minimal commissions.
You also have the opportunity to trade in USD and RUB through cross-pairs with other crypto on the exchange.
Direct link for BTC/BSM pair:
If you have any questions you can freely ask them at:
Happy trading for all!
BITSUM is the first to Launch Facebook Wallet, You can now send receive coins directly from facebook messenger, Visit and Create your Facebook WALLET Address Today.
We are glad to announce our new slack workspace which includes internal bitsum wallet. Join us at:
We've started public beta testing on Twitter!

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To claim your coins send a private message to or use this link
Get 500 BSM coins for posting reply about Bsm in every facebook coin tweet. Mention How Bsm work in facebook twitter and telegram
We've got some technical problems with hardware equipment and because of this telegram bot doesn't work. We'll fix problems as soon as possible. Sorry for inconvenience.

Ps: facebook/twitter users - please backup your keys! Kindly type "key".