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CME Futures expires at..
11 am EST
4 pm UK
9:30 pm IST
Total number of contracts: 1459
Volume: 81 million USD
This could effect merely $1000 to $1500 USD Difference in the price action of BTC whether up or down!
So there’s nothing to panic As it is holding the 11k LEVEL VERY STRONGLY It might make an upward movement to 12700 if broken above that we might see it touching 13k+ levels but incase any FUD is created (By media/Whales/Speculators) it might touch downward to 10k and then 9600.
9 hours 17 mins left for the CME to expire.
Not a big deal - HOLD to your coins.
It is highly likely to make an upward move within the next week.✌🏻✌🏻
Guys, buy #ADX at current price
Binance exchange
Targets should be @19000🚀
Hold your coins
Expecting #BTC growth after #CME end
Guys, buy now #TRX 😍 (on Binance, HitBTC) for huge profit!
About 2-3 months, long term
Entry price is 500-600sats
Guys! Buy now #CTR it will show bullish trend in few days!
#IGNIS on bittrex! 🚀🔥
Hi everyone, I read this smart opinion in other signals group, so read it, recommend

#XRP is froming triangle as you can see.
If you ask me is it smart to invest in Ripple I will always say NO. Just go on google and type " The most centralized cryptocurrency " and 90% of articles will talk about Ripple. The fact that owner is holding 61% of coins, bring us to conclusion that price can dump a lot if owners decide to sell out.
Someone will tell you but banks love #XRP 😂
In my opinion it is just good marketing. Why would banks do that? Why would they use XRP coin when they can create their own.
I am not saying that XRP is not profitable. If you invested few months ago it would make you huge profit but at this point investing in xrp brings a lot of risk and not big chance for profit because it is already top3 cryptocurrency and it can go 2-3x max but risk is not worth this small reward. This is situation: high risk, low reward.
I suggest you to go high risk, high reward or go low risk, low reward and in this groups are coins like #ETH #NEO #STRAT where risk is small and reward isnot big but it is enough to be happy with that profit. So, I would personally never invest in #XRP
BUY BELOW 0.00013200
SELL @14500, 15000, 15500