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Telegram is going to airdrop 1,000,000 GRAM!!!
GRAM is the token of its blockchain product TON.
iGift.One, the biggest international airdrop platform, will hold this event.
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Chinese New Year 4 years ago “In Mean” release ProsperCoin @prctalk and join develop Popularcoin @popularcoinpop this year develop KHCoin. Within this 4 days of Chinese New Year He will release MeanXtrade the final piece of the puzzle to bring all the coin value. Stay tune to sign up this new beta exchange to get red pocket of PRC KHC and POP
Happy Chinese New Year to all KHcoin and ProsperCoin, your KhmerCrypto account has recieved 8 PRC as the red pocket symbol of prosperity. We been working hard to create international exchange to bring values to our coin. Internal exchange of KhmerCrypto will move to MeanXtrade shortly. Please register open beta at
Our humble first ever cryptocurrency exchange made by Cambodian from Cambodia is ready for testing @ please give a try. for USDT in KhmerCrypto we will have feature where you can transfer to MeanXtrade shortly.
KHcoin daily allowance start tonight midnight including withdrawal and transfer to, our campaign to promote KHcoin value start on April
Introduce KHcoin and MeanXtrade to HUB 2018 Blockchain event in Malaysia.
KHcoin is tradable with Bitcoin and Litecoin @, Online shopping is coming soon on June over 100 items for sell.
KHcoin is value at 0.014$ at join @khcoin group to talk about your KHcoin
KHcoin website is down for upgrading, our new website will be ready by March 2019 with nrw features