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Biorez Wellness is a research and applied solutions directive inspired to improve health through the application and innovation of bioresonance and other technologies, learn more at Share this channel:
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Jim Humble MMS Protocols.pdf
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Useful protocols with MMS / CDS / Chlorine Dioxide from Jim Humble
Want to learn more about your reality? Is the illusion starting to reveal itself? Secret Sacred Journey is a portal for sharing experiences, research and information pertaining to the advancement of consciousness, join and share this channel:
Electrosmog has become a major public health concern. It is abundantly apparent when the bio-field is analyzed with the BIORez Meta Health Analyzer. The main causes detected originate from electrical installations, radar and wireless electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets). In our continual search to provide our network with safe and effective solutions, a new wellness partner shared this wonderful product that may benefit you:

- the website has other unique tools and devices to assist with this invisible distortion that is more damaging than most people know
If you still think that chemtrails are not a threat to your health, here is a smoking gun...👇🏽
Vaccines contain toxic ingredients that should never be injected, support the awareness raising @
Simplified N.E.T. Master Chart
- essential to innerstanding the functioning of mind, body and spirit
#NET #MasterChart
Biorez Wellness will be sharing bioresonance technologies this July 20th at the Vibration Festival in Poland; this festival has been an epic portal of consciousness connection and its light continues to attract more like minded aware people; checkout the website for more details and to book tickets!