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BIOCOIN is the world's first eco-cryptocurrency and loyalty platform. BIOCOIN is a financial instrument for sustainable development of the green economy. Main chat: @biocoinchat
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The promised meeting was held today and we met with representatives of the Community. On the photos, we can recognize Alexander Mikhailov (without his glasses). Tomorrow we will inform you of this meeting.
Friends! Denis Davydov joined BioCoin team. He has long been actively involved in the life of the community, and now Denis has officially taken the position of the main team member for communication with the community. ๐Ÿ”ฅ Welcome Denis!
Here is the report of the meeting with BioCoin Community
Good day!
The link to wallets has been updated on, now the link leads to the github.
The wallets link is available for Windows and Linux.
Wallet for Mac still in work (1-2 weeks).
Also added links to mobile wallets iOS and Android.
BioCoin participates today in the Orenburg forum. Digital services for businesses.
We discuss the digital economy with Azat Gazizov, vice president of support for Russia.
Friends! BioCoin platform is currently undergoing technical work. They are somewhat delayed. But soon everything will work! After completing the work in the explorer, it will be possible to see the entire transaction history, and not only the first ten pages. Everything is under control.
See u soon!
Colleagues from the technical service report that technical work is underway on the server on which the website is located. Therefore, the site is temporarily unavailable. ๐Ÿ”Œ Thank you.
BioCoin 2.0. New course. More community involvement. New blockchain.


After extensive consultations, the project team adopted the following theses as a basis for the next development plan:
1. The blockchain and cryptocurrency market has gone through a difficult period. The end of this period is not yet established. In this regard, we decided to no longer focus on the external environment and develop our own approach to project development.
2. The blockchain platform, which was chosen in 2017 as the basis for the development of the BioCoin project, is rapidly becoming obsolete and its strategic development less realistic from a technological point of view.

On the basis of these two fundamental theses, the project team has arrived at the following postulate:

1. In the coming months, we will restart the site and the minimal project infrastructure to exchange tokens (claim rights) for loyalty points. Portfolios should also win.

2. New biocoin rate 1 to 1. In the coming months, we will no longer focus on the "exchange rate", and the token rate corresponding to the loyalty system score will be set to "1 to 1".

3. On this, the development of this version of the BioCoin blockchain platform by the team will be frozen. At the same time, the team strongly supports the desire of some members of the community to engage in development - within the community. And support will be provided to this community.

4. The team at this stage does not set itself the task of entering the so-called stock exchanges - at least until the market is regulated and described in the legislation of the Russian Federation.
At the same time, it is quite possible that community representatives will develop this sphere independently.

5. The most important. We finally made sure that you had to create a token that would be an independent value and a feature that would ensure its relevance. Without any reference to the external environment - which is extremely volatile as you know it.
In this regard, we have started the creation of a new platform whose objective is to provide a direct access of the consumer to the market of high quality agricultural products. As part of this platform, a new token will be created on this new blockchain. After the launch of this project, all biocoin holders will be offered the opportunity to exchange their tokens for new ones.

6. We will talk online about the progress of this project. The launch date of the new platform is Spring 2020.
On Monday Feb. 25, there was a meeting with four members of the BioCoin team.
During the meeting, the restoration of the site, the wallets and the restoration of the canvas were confirmed.

The following plans are also announced soon:

1. The function of exchange of BIO chips against bales at the rate of 1 BIO = 1 ruble will be implemented in mobile wallets.

2. Purchases of BIOs by credit card will be restored in mobile wallets. The reverse exchange BIO for rubles is not yet open.
The organic selling price in mobile wallets will be fixed and cheaper than a ruble.
To facilitate the use of points, all store buyers will be offered to install the BioCoin app on their mobile phone.
Shop Shop customers will have the opportunity to buy Bio at a lower price and change it for points at the price of 1 ruble by purchasing an additional discount at the store.
In LavkaLavka stores will be realized the points of opportunity to pay 20% of the purchase.
After the implementation of this marketing program, an analysis of the program will be carried out, errors will be corrected and a decision will be made regarding future actions and possible extension with other interested networks.

3. We are currently negotiating with a friendly exchange to resume negotiations.

4. Restore the work of the Yobit exchange. We have repeatedly asked the Yobit Exchange to update the BioCoin portfolios. The answer of the exchange has not yet been received.

After the restoration of the BioCoin website, we will ask all those interested in resuming the work of the Yobit exchange, as well as contacting the exchange service Yobit to ask this platform to update the Bio portfolios on its exchange.
March 8 is near-close! System restore has begun. Website and mobile wallets are already working. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿท๐Ÿ”ฅ
It is now the restoration and verification of the balance of the Biocoin Web wallet (
Please ask all users of this web wallet who have BIO on their balance to send to
1. Address of your web wallet
(the wallet's address shown to get Bio in your wallet)
2. Specify the number of Bio in your web wallet
(for verification)
Thanks for your understanding
Work in progress ...
Thank you.
๐Ÿš— At the moment, technical work is underway to transfer the infrastructure to new servers. After transferring the work of the wallets will be restored.
Hi everybody. Thank you for your patience.
Technical work on data transfer to the new server is ongoing. All the details of launching the project on new servers will soon be clear. The news will arrive in the coming days.