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Hacks + Tips for Car Enthusiasts and Blondes. Helping you to save up to $10,000 a year.
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Hey, there! I'm Natalia, the co-owner of Best People Movers, a boutique import dealership in Sydney.

Totally obsessed with my work and Japanese cars: I've imported and sold nearly 2,000 autos since 2007!

I'm also obsessed with the best value for money and love helping people to save $$$ on purchasing and owning a car.

My customers 💙 me: check out 100+ glowing Google reviews here:

If you call Australia home, I’d say very unlikely. Don’t get me wrong – EV (electric vehicle) is a disruptive worldwide trend. It’s very similar to cars replacing horses in the early days of the 20th century.

However, it’s going to take a while before any major EV disruption happens here in Oz.

If you look at the EV leaders, such as China and Norway, they’re densely populated and don’t have the issue of “range”.

We’re the complete opposite: we’re scattered and have vast territory, and the lack of charging infrastructure doesn’t help. There’re less than 800 plug in stations in Australia right now.

Other problems to ponder: maintenance & replacement of electric batteries, their disposal (that’s a whole new topic!), glitches that unexpectedly drain batteries, the wrong type of plug ins at the charging points, non responsive charging stations.. The list goes on.

A trip by an electric auto from Sydney to Newcastle? No thanks, I’ll pass. ⤵️
IMHO we’re most likely to embrace hybrid cars (petrol + electric) such as Toyota Prius and Toyota Alphard or Nissan Serena for big families (both examples are from my JDM* import industry). They’re greener, cheaper to run and come with petrol engine “to be on the safe side” and not to worry about the range.
To sum up, the trend is there but the EV growth curve is going to be a lot flatter Down Under than in some countries.
What are your thoughts? Would you make the switch today?
*Japanese Domestic Market (cars made in Japan for Japan)
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I'm running out of the disposable masks that I brought from Japan late Jan, and decided to make our own branded Best People Movers masks.

So when you come to test drive, I get one, you get one and you can take it home afterwards and re-use.
What design do you like more?
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My customer Brett from Bega kindly shares his thoughts on the Toyota Estima GSR50 they purchased from Best People Movers more than 2 years ago.
— How did you find out about Japanese Imports?
— I had no idea about Japanese or "grey" imports until I was actively looking for a replacement for our old 8-seater Tarago (2001). My first exposure was when I stumbled across some website with impressive videos demoing the Estima and Elgrand features. That dealer, I've since learned, is one that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, but thanks mate for convincing me to buy an Estima!
— If Estima didn't exist in our market, what make and model would you buy instead?
— The only other cars in our price range were older and more standard vehicles, such as the Mitsubishi Starwagon, Toyota Spacia, Kia Carnival (*shudder*) or Tarago’s with very high kms.
— What swayed you towards Estima?
— We love our Tarago, but the local car yards were selling second-hand newer models for $35k+ — way out of our range. When I saw the features, age and low kms on Estimas advertised around the country, it piqued my interest. Before long I was making enquiries on carsales and other sites, and eventually found who I felt to be a trusty Estima dealer.
— What was happening in your life when you decided to change the car?
— We had an ageing Tarago with pretty high kms (we actually still use it as our second vehicle and "enclosed ute"). We were a 5-child family at that stage, so the 7-seater was still workable. But we kinda jinxed ourselves, as a few months after buying the Estima we discovered we'd be welcoming Number Six into the world. Woops! Luckily, our oldest has his own car now.
— When you saw and test drove Estima for the first time, was it what you expected? Any nice surprises?
— My test drive was driving it 600km back home! I was just enraptured by the whole experience... The all-electric features have always been a hit with the kids, their friends and any uppity people we want to park next to and show up. We haven't stopped being surprised by new things. It's such a Japanese car —so gadgety.
— If you have to sell it now, what would you regret the most? What feature, etc?
— I wouldn't miss anything, because I'd be buying another Estima! I'm not going back.
— Would you recommend this car to your friends/family? Why?
— Absolutely, because you can keep having babies and fill it up. You also move up the social ladder in a kind of devious way — you don't need to be rich. Japanese keep their cars very tidy, their roads are perfect, so no undercarriage damage. You get all the gadgets, fancy features etc at less than the price of the Australian Tarago with their standard poverty pack features. Estima any day thanks!
— What could be better done in this car for you? Does it lack something you would really enjoy?
— I'm happy with the features. I've already got something way above my price range. If I had extra cash, I'd get a tow bar and upgrade the Japanese media unit to an English one. I'd also install small vacuum cleaners on each step that sucked beach sand off kids as they enter the vehicle. That's all!
Fun Video: Toyota Estima Aeras, 7 Seats + 6 Crazy Kids

6 kids in a 7 seats Estima? My friend and a father of four Dmitriy demonstrates how to quickly position the tribe in a 7 seats Estima with a walk-through. It appears to be a super easy job with a bit of a guidance: no wrestling with those middle row seats. Perfect school drop offs and pick ups guaranteed :)
The Big 7 on Nissan Elgrand

Luxury Imported MPVs from Japan come with many cool standard features such as 360 cameras, dual auto sliding doors, proximity entry and start. And there’re also a few very popular OPTIONAL ones. Here’s my Big 7 on Nissan Elgrand:

1. AWD on Demand
2. Dual Auto Sunroofs
3. Automatic Tailgate (E52 only)
4. Bose Sound System
5. Drop Down DVD
6. Radar Cruise Control
7. Electric curtains (E51 only and a huge hit with anyone who hasn’t seen them before)
Romance with Tono

In my world everyone wants a Tono.

If Tono isn't at the back, there's an immediate theatrical groaning and index finger pointing at the boot: Oh noo... We can't drive like this...

To clarify⤵️
1. Tono is an OPTIONAL boot cover on Estima 2006 + models (pictures in comments)

2. Its absence DOES NOT affect the safety or the ride so you CAN certainly drive without one.

Plus, it can be a potential HAZARD for clumsy people like me: such a hassle to open and close it. It never fits or folds properly like a loose canon. If I take it out and lean onto something, it will surely fall. With a big bang. On someone's toes.

The other thing, Tono isn't good for boating. Seriously.

Last Saturday morning me and my friend Alex loaded the boot, closed the TONO cover, and then placed a few more bags on the top of it.

Two hours later, in an exciting rush at the marina, we grabbed the bags that were ON the cover and took off, leaving so many valuables DOWN UNDER!

Who needs food and drinks when on picnic, right?

Lucky I realised we were missing a few bags before we sailed away!

Jokes asides, it’s a great thing to have as it creates a big hidey space in your car for any SECRET purchases 🎄