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The NHL is about to find out what happens when you go WOKE…
BREAKING: McCarthy calls on Mayorkas to resign or potentially face impeachment inquiry: 'Enough is enough'
Media is too big
BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy demands Mayorkas RESIGN or face IMPEACHMENT hearings starting January 3rd at the BORDER so Democrats will actually have to visit it 🔥
BREAKING: The Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub shooting suspect is non-binary and “uses they/them pronouns”according to attorneys
Today on The Benny Show:

-McCarthy calls for Mayorkas to resign, threatens impeachment.
-Question to Fauci about COVID origins sends White House Briefing into a frenzy
-Judge rules Psaki must be deposed in Big Tech Collusion lawsuit

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The Regime is threatening to investivate Elon Musk more than they are the fraudsters of FTX— that tells you everything.
Remember to thank Joe Biden for those 16 cents you saved on BBQ a year ago at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow!
BREAKING: Elon Musk says he will “make an alternative phone” if Apple and Google remove the Twitter app from their App Stores.
The greatest exchange in the history of Twitter just happened.

Put this in the history books.
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BREAKING: Chinese protesters in Wuhan revolting against COVID lockdowns tear down barricades

The CCP is about to get their Freedom Flu booster.
CHINA in COLLAPSE: Millions Demand END to Communism, Freedom! The CCP Does NOT Want You To See This…
LIVE now with @Jack_Posobiec talking about the White Paper Revolution in China

BREAKING: Elon Musk reveals Apple has threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store but did not give a specific reason why.