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Russia claimed that in the attack early this morning it killed 180 foreign mercenaries.
Ten arguments for your use in favor of the de-Ukrainianization of the Palestinian narrative

1. Ukraine does not launch rockets at a civilian population within Russia's sovereign territory. The Palestinian terrorist entity that controls Gaza does.

2. Ukraine recognizes Russia's sovereignty. The Palestinian entity that controls Gaza and is defined in the West as a "terrorist organization" does not recognize Israel as a state and declares that it is working to destroy it.

3. Ukraine is a sovereign state with declared borders. "Palestine" is not a sovereign state and has no declared borders.

4. Israel, on its own initiative, evacuated the Gaza Strip from the Israeli population and withdrew to a border line for which there is no international claim. Despite this, the export of terrorism from Gaza to Israel continued.

5. The Ukrainians in their fighting do not harm Russian citizens. Palestinians have been committing brutal terrorism against the civilian population in Israel and around the world for decades (suicide bombings, hijackings, rocket fire at civilians, shootings, stabbings and more).

6. "Knock on the Roof" Procedure. The Israeli procedure that is one of its kind in the whole world to prevent the killing of Palestinian civilians before a military attack. The Russians certainly do not apply such a procedure before attacking civilian areas in Ukraine.

7. There are Russians living in Ukraine. There are no Israelis living in Gaza. What is the fate of a Gaza citizen who entered Israel? What is the fate of an Israeli citizen who entered Gaza? Hamas holds captive Israeli citizens and does not allow access to them.

8. Israel and Ukraine are democracies. No elections have been held in Gaza and the West Bank since 2006.

9. Molotov cocktail as a symbol: Ukrainians throw Molotov cocktails at Russian tanks. Palestinians throw Molotov cocktails at civilian vehicles.

10. Russia initiated the military move against Ukraine. Israel, mostly responds to aggression (for example, in the last two relevant events in Gaza).

(Abu Ali)
The Iranian leader's mouthpiece, Kayhan newspaper, wrote in its editorial (March 10) that "the time has come to teach an unforgettable lesson to the Zionist entity during the few years left until its eventual eradication from Palestinian land. Israel is wrong if it thinks its nuclear weapons will save it from destruction… In fact (the reactor) in Dimona is an Achilles heel of Israel and is the one that will eventually lead to its destruction."
The Iranian militias in Syria are on the highest alert after the Iranian strike last night.
The Bible tells us that every person has two options for birth, for life, for death, and for resurrection. A simple choice one makes today will determine where they will stand in each of these areas. Tune in to my new message coming soon to learn about this all-important choice and why it makes all the difference!
Russian officials have warned that due to the economic sanctions imposed on Russia following the invasion into Ukraine, the maintenance of the space station could be damaged and it could crash to Earth.
So far in the past two weeks over 4100 Jewish new immigrants from Russia and Ukraine arrived in Israel. These are sights we haven’t seen in many years!
Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit the area of Luzon in the Philppines
Confirmed: Real-time network data show Instagram is now restricted in Russia across multiple providers; the popular social network has been banned by internet regulator Roskomnadzor after similar measures taken against Twitter and Facebook.
Russia|n MoD reports that retreating battalions of Ukraine|ian forces sabotaged the Avdeevka Coke Chemical Plant in Donetsk region, causing a chemical fire and significant emission of toxic smoke which is spreading to surrounding settlements.
Pay attention that both sides are now accusing each other with an indirect practice of chemical warfare.
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9-story apartment block on 20 Bohatyrska St. in the Obolon neighborhood in Kyiv on fire after shelling. The building was hit at around 5 a.m.

Reportedly firefighters are putting out the fire
negotiations between Ukraine and Russia will resume at 10:30AM on a video call.
For the first time, both sides are optimistic.
The State Department says it’s paying more than $2 million per month to provide 24-hour security to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a former top aide, both of whom face “serious and credible” threats from Iran.
The department told Congress in a report that the cost of protecting Pompeo and former Iran envoy Brian Hook between August 2021 and February 2022 amounted to $13.1 million. The report, dated Feb. 14 and marked “sensitive but unclassified,” was obtained by The Associated Press on Saturday. Can anyone explain why America still wants any deal with Iran?
Who said that only used tanks can be sold on eBay?
Reports about a strike on the territory of the Antonov plant in Kyiv Ukraine
US Patriot Missile system were also near the US Consulate In Erbil at multiple locations.

Despite this, Iran managed to attack the alleged Mossad's secret compound inside US base in Iraqi Kurdistan with Fatah-110 ballistic missiles.