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builder-oriented web3 news (and olds)

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Party is a group wallet, presumably easier to use than a multisig or dao
web3 and crypto global survey (15000 participants)


- Many know about cryptocurrency, much less about web3
- Desire for more ownership and data privacy
- Many feel that they are building value online but not compensated fairly

- More sceptics in Europe, Korea, Japan
- More enthusiasts in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa
"circuit breaker" ERC7265 standard to protect protocols against hacks, using rate limit parameters
perpetual, oracle-free options protocol
ERC-7281 / xERC20 — standard for bridged tokens

canonical bridges VS 3rd party bridges VS hybrid bridges
lending without oracles using Uniswap v4
ERC721H — NFT hooks

Subscriptions, Staking, IP Distribution & Management...
DEX user incentive programs analysis

trade mining, liquidity mining
defi economic risk modelling, attack vectors
Liquity v2

- Abandon CDP and adopt reserve backing mechanism with 1:1 minting
- Launch in 2024 and will be independent product from v1
- Key ideas of V2: Dynamic Leverage Principal-Protected Positions (PPP)
math intro to Constant product and Concentrated liquidity AMMs
comparing internal fees (like in uni v2) vs external fees (uni v3) in AMMs
privacy abstraction with Aztec

privacy is not EVM-compatible