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builder-oriented web3 news (and olds)

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state of Real World Assets (RWA) in defi
free github copilot alternative
math overview of AMM algorithms

Bancor, Uniswap v2/v3, Balancer, Curve v1/v2, TWAMM, Smart Order Router
off-chain voting with on-chain execution using optimistic oracle
yet another rundown on why crvUSD may be cool
how TWAMMs work (Time Weighted Average Market Makers)
DefiLlama chrome extension
- Adds a lot of wallet tags to etherscan
- Improves token pricing when browsing addresses
- Protects you from scams
defi strategies simulator (like Yearn strategies)
fixed rate lending

Notional, Element, Voltz
Balancer's features explained

Vault, Weighted pools, Composable stable pools, Boosted pools, Linear pools, Managed pools
Liquity / LUSD (stablecoin with pure eth backing) mechanics explained

Troves, Stability Pools, Liquidations & Recovery Mode

LUSD held one of the best pegs (among decentralized stablecoins) during USDC depeg