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There is bad news and good news. This is not April Fools, this is serious.

The bad news is that Android Studio lost my signing key, so everyone who uses the GitHub version must uninstall before update. If you have a rooted phone, are affected by the launching issue and cannot backup normally, please ask me for backup procedure. If you don't have a rooted phone, sadly you cannot backup your settings. (F-Droid users are unaffected.)
Moving on, users are generally recommended to use F-Droid builds and, in the future, Google Play builds.

The good news is that we now offer nightly GitHub builds at @BarinstaBuilds.

Reminder that nightly unstable builds are available at @BarinstaBuilds.
Regular releases will return on May 19. Until then, expert users (not everyone) can try out new features (and provide valueable feedback) by grabbing a nightly build from @BarinstaBuilds.

Unrelated but important: If you're Canadian (citizen or resident), consider looking up Bill C-10, then sign this petition.
Two things:
1. v19.2.2 will be delayed for F-Droid due to an issue on their side, which affects some other apps as well, and I will communicate to them.
2. A reminder to not download any unauthorized copies of Barinsta on Google Play. Please continue to report those as you see them.

Reminder that nightly testing builds are available at @BarinstaBuilds.
If you can write fluently in a foreign language and in English, please contribute translations to Barinsta!

Reminder that beta builds are available at @BarinstaBuilds.
Also, we need more developers! If you have the required coding skills and a heart for serving the public, come join us!

At approximately 21:33 UTC July 26 2021, I have been hit with a cease & desist letter from a law firm repsenting Facebook. The letter was sent to one of my personal email address as well as Barinsta's public inbox (and as a result, it is published). In response, the source code has been taken down, and all promotional materials within my control has been adjusted to reflect the fact.

We will still try to get as much resources as we could to navigate in this crisis. At this dire moment, I ask you to do 1 thing: Please let others know what is happening here.

It has been an honour of a lifetime to serve as one of the main contributors of Barinsta. I am forever grateful for the countless supporters along the way.

Thank you & Best Regards,

Austin Huang
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At this point you should all be aware of Inst*gram's malicious practices. Now, encourage others to move to the FOSS fediverse (ie. Pixelfed, Mastodon, etc.)!
Our sincerest condolences to the Vanced project.