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Hello! I'm @baradusov, the creator of the Webpage to PDF bot.

I've created this channel to post important updates about the bot.

If anything is broken feel free to message me — @baradusov. Thanks for using the bot!

I've finally rewrite the bot, nothing changed for you as a user. But this change made the bot more flexible and easier to extend with new functionality in future, for example ability to set preferred font size.

If the bot is down it will try to send message to me now, so I can react quicker.

Also I added help text that you can view by sending /help command. Nothing new for old users, but I hope it'll help new users to understand what bot does.

I also added ability to support development of the bot. If you want you can do this by sending /support command. The bot will send you unique link.

This info you can also find in /help.

Thanks for using the bot!
Added two small changes.

Bot now shows chat action when it's sending file.
And at the end of pdf file will be source url.

Long time no updates.

The other day I got a new server and today launched a bot on it in a test mode. Please let me know if you have any problems.

There are no new changes, but with the transition to the new server, the bot should respond a little faster and handle heavy pages.

Oh, there is one change. I added support for several new languages:
* Armenian
* Bengali
* Cham
* Chinese
* Devanagari
* Ethiopic
* Georgian
* Gujarati
* Gurmukhi
* Hebrew
* Japan
* Kannada
* Khmer
* Korean
* Kufi Arabic
* Lao
* Malayalam
* Myanmar
* Naskh Arabic
* Oriya
* Sinhala
* Tamil
* Telugu
* Thaana
* Thai
* Tibetan

Finally I've completely migrated the bot to a new server. And now it's time to ask you what new features do you want?

I don't promise that I can implement all your requests because I want the bot to be simple, but I'll do my best.

From myself firstly I wanted to translate the bot to other languages. First language will be russian (obviously, because I'm from Russia). Then probably I will setup some platform for crowd translation so anyone who wants to will be able to translate the bot into their own language.

So, feel free to comment the post with your feature requests.

And thank you for using the bot!
The bot was down for several hours today for some users including myself. Now it's working fine.

Need to implement some monitoring and alerting for status of the bot.
Sometimes the bot stops answering to users at all, because the webpage that user sent to it taking opening forever. The bot just doesn't stop loading the page.

I fixed it.

And now if it can't open a link during 30 seconds, the bot will message about it.

Also the bot now ignores invalid SSL certificates and opens such links anyway. Before it just replied that it "can't open the link".
Sorry everyone, the bot is down, because my server is down.

Can't do anything right now. I'm too far from my PC. Will try to get the bot back to work in a few hours.


Update: The bot is up.
Finally I added support for the group chats. You need to add the bot to group and make it admin.

In group chats the bot will be working in a silent mode. So if it can't generate PDF from a link, it will not send anything to group chat. It will be sending only successfully generated PDF.

Not sure how the bot will handle big groups where many links are sent. If something wrong, please report the issue to comments of this post.
Now the bot will be adding date and time at which PDF was generated at the end of file like in the screenshot.

You can't set your timezone right now.
Sometimes the bot receiving the messages with a direct URL to a file such as zip or pdf. The bot has been trying to download it and then it crashes.

From now the bot will ignore such links to prevent crashes.
It will only accept ordinary webpages.