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Bankera Loans has been featured on Micky and We are glad to see the word spreading about our crypto-lending solution!  
Bankera Exchange welcomes the Zcash (ZEC) cryptocurrency! Deposit, withdraw and trade Zcash against Bitcoin, Ether, Tether and Banker tokens on our platform today. Head to our blog to learn more about it:
It is contest time on Bankera Exchange! Guess the coins correctly and you might win a special prize — a cryptocurrency hardware wallet Ledger Nano S. Head to Bankera Exchange's Facebook page and participate!
As you may know, SpectroCoin is the very first product of Bankera – an ecosystem of companies on a mission to connect everyday banking and crypto economy. That is why we are thrilled to announce that SpectroCoin has brought its card services back and presents you with a fresh rebranded prepaid card solution. Check out SpectroCoin’s blog post to find out more about the new cards:
Bankera business accounts are live! Open an account with a dedicated IBAN for your business:
Funds in Bankera are electronic money — this setup has similarities to the full-reserve banking, which can be an attractive alternative for traditional bank accounts in uncertain times, like the ones we are facing now. In our blog post, we explain how this model works:
If you have already opened a personal account at Bankera, you probably have noticed that our service offers three different levels of verification. In our blog post, we take a closer look at the significance of client verification and explain how our multi-level verification process works:
Bankera landing page is now available in the Lithuanian language! 🇱🇹 Bankera puslapis lietuvių kalba jau veikia! Apsilankykite:
Today we are excited to announce that the Bankera Business Loans solution is live and we are starting to build our loans portfolio as one more step toward a full-scope banking solution for digital businesses. Businesses and freelancers can apply for a loan to cover invoice financing, refinancing, as well as day-to-day operational costs, receive funds to help with business growth and digitalization. Learn more about Bankera Business Loans and get financing for your business today:

For more information about Bankera Business Loans, we invite you to read our blog post:
Have you checked Bankera’s blog to see what we have been up to last month?
We have prepared an overview of Bankera project development until now, to reflect ideas stated in Bankera’s whitepaper and how we are executing them and what we are doing on top of that.
Check our newest blog post about differences between crypto banking and banking for the blockchain era:
Amazing news! Bankera cards are live! Order plastic or virtual debit cards via internet banking. More information in our latest blog post: