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Enjoy variety of incredible characteristics such as very high security, nearly free fee, high speed of transactions and wallets supporting many currencies.

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The satisfaction of our users will be more provided due to another advantage as support of hardware wallet or Ledger Nano S. It allows crypto enthusiasts to store their assets offline in a protected environment which is accessible only through their own wallets.
Utility Token
BankDex team is working to provide various interesting and practical utilities for SAM. Hence, free of charge transactions from SAM to other tokens can be another step to satisfy a large number of crypto enthusiasts. More info. On our WP.
User convenience is of utmost importance for the BankDex team. For this reason, our user interface has been designed with a special focus on the easy-to-use environment. Even if a user is not familiar with the crypto world, he/she can get started immediately.
"Account Recovery"
You can easily recover your account to a new device. Hence, no need to think about what to do in case of a lost account. Count on the BankDex solutions to get back your lost account in the blink of an eye.
BankDex allows its users to carry out their transactions without the need for registration or admin confirmation. So, our users will benefit from increased privacy due to no registration requirement or KYC.
All crypto enthusiasts from the wide range of nationalities and languages can easily rely on our Multilanguage documents to be informed of all needed data. Our whitepaper is offered based on Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. The BankDex presentation is also available in Arabic, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Persian and etc. Feel free from all over the world to get in touch with our documents.
Our team supports scalability with the provision to trade more coins and assets in the future.
If you have a friend who is interested in crypto trading, why not be rewarded for inviting them to the BankDex? The number of referrals you can make is unlimited - so refer your friends today and start enjoying the rewards.
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BankDex relies on a multi-national team comprised of a variety of well-educated and highly experienced professionals. Here, a large number of people is trying their best to provide you with the latest functionalities and more enjoyable moments in the crypto world. Get familiar with our team on
What Is Lightning Network?
This functionality provides crypto enthusiasts with instant payments possible across a huge network of users. It makes it possible to make transactions of high speed.
Let us heard from you. What coin/token/project do you prefer to be listed on the BankDex exchange and why? Why not leave a comment and let us know?
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Are you familiar with defects of centralized exchanges? Can a decentralized exchange solve those problems? What do you think? Let’s see what are the main shortfalls of centralized exchanges and become familiar with BankDex solutions. Read more on

BankDex enables margin trading for its users who are looking for better return of their investment. You can easily borrow funds from BankDex that allow you to optimize your trading experience.

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BankDex offers round the clock support to answer any queries of the user, on the exchange. We are available 24 X 7 via Email, Telegram, and Facebook. Feel free to get in touch with us.
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The BankDex team consists of a variety of professionals from all over the world. Hence, we are ready to work with companies and start-ups and assist them in launching their ICO. BankDex is capable of offering a 360-degree solution such as legal, technical, and financial ones helping start-ups to meet their strategic objectives.
"BankDex Life Insurance"
We belive that having a peaceful mind enables our users to carry out their exchanges more efficiently. Hence, BankDex aims to insure it's traders through special circumstances
“Nearly Zero Fee”
Another feature setting us apart from other cryptocurrency exchanges is our nearly zero fees to carry out a variety of transactions. BankDex aims to provide its users with completely free of charge transactions during the first quarter of activity and then only 0/003 USD will be charged as the fee for each transaction. Rely on BankDex.
"Free Cancellation"
No need to pay any extra cost to cancel orders. We allow our users to cancel their orders freely at anytime. Feel free to order and cancel immediately.
We aim to provide protection of our investors through preserving half of the funds raised by them. In this way, half of the tokens will be preserved in banks to keep the token value. POST
Cross-chain transactions with BankDex
BankDex as one of the unique and revolutionary decentralized exchange platform is ready to provide its users of new generation of transactions called cross-chain transactions which enables traders to transfer their assets between different blockchains.