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Knock on the head notion of doing or attaining more - it puts us into the vibration of lack and is part of the slave self. Get real, get humble, muck in with what’s at hand. We need to push through the pain, limitations and discomfort; together we can create with each other and community. The medicine is the ‘I can’t do this’. Yet together we can achieve so much. And suddenly something spectacular is formed from the sweat. We wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t do it.
Sacred. Such a misunderstood word. Sacred does not mean serious. It’s about creation. Creation is pure love. Love comes out of fun.

It begins within and starts from the sacrum. Latin for sacred. The seat of our sexual and creative energy. Imagine breathing in from this point, feel it rise up the spine into your brain. This is what fullness is all about.
Wintering and the peeling off of layers. And of course wearing lots of layers to keep warm.

During one recent ‘peeling’ session, trapped energy was holding up in my sinuses and it was really stubborn and would not burn off and transmute to the light.

Thoughts turned to realities of this image, this story and experience, embedded in my membranes, it wanted to remain and seep further into my head.

Usually such events take place automatically. I feel the space of pure love, bliss and creation. It gets bright, and what needs to leave does so. However, Not always.

I found myself peeling off my DNA skin suit to reveal such a bright white light under my skin which radiated out and cleared my sinuses of more of the other source — death, interference from ancestors and self created images with programmes.
A Skill. The ability to connect with mothers earths energy in the mud, water and the trees.

The opportunity to discharge, revitalise and communicate.

The other source makes us think we are bad, perhaps wicked or wrong, or even suicidal So much that we experience is not ours.

Discernment gets us there. Sometimes we can’t figure out what is what and also does not belong. We are good. We are an expression of creativity and pure love. Everything else is fluff.

How does it feel?
The past lives I’ve remembered are not glamorous. Good lessons. And teachings. Yet it’s about now. Healing this for myself, my family, ancestors,all folk and kin.
Diving deep today and I’m really excited by a session I have this morning with a switched on 10 year old. We are exploring natures intelligence system and how all matter flows with life force, as well as imprints from folk who had an affinity; with say a tree, together with how consciousness can incarnate as a tree, flower, rock or bird.

With that comes such responsibility. I will lay out all the options. Some folk believe this… Others believe that…

I will pepper it all with the outstanding work of Bruce Lipton and his scientific work around epigenetics, as well Rupert Sheldrakes explanation of the morphogenetic field.

Then see what resonates with them and act accordingly so they come to their own conclusions.

The goal as always is never to step on others freewill or imprint my beliefs, I just offer up an array potentials. Can’t wait to see what unfolds…
There is always such creativity from constraints.

Just back from the supermarket. I am reminded to how during the house arrest these past years going to the shops became a past time.

Thinking back, all those restaurants, cafes, bars and shops open 24 hours a day in non stop London are not something I miss.

I love being social yet always wanted to be out in nature or sat by the fire, being present with the good company of loved ones.

There were always too many distractions, noise and pollution. For all you dress it up, for me, city life was toxic.

So now being out in the sticks with nothing but a few shops a 15 minute cycle away, where the world shut downs at 7pm. There is so much space think, be and feel nothing all at the time same.

The views are spectacular, and mean so much to me. They are my art gallery. Ever changing. Can’t wait for the wild blossoms which put any urban Britain in bloom hanging basket to shame.

And the stars, the Milky Way and the Aurora Borealis it’s all there — for free.

Living and breathing the seasons, the changes in sounds as bird migrate, waters rise and and calmness radiates.

There is no place like home.
The mission for now is to explain energy and morphogenic field to young minds. I want to create an illustrated book and create workshops and hold more sessions with the young souls of the future.
Naturally the sweat lodge, fire and water purifications are still on for everyone else. We now have horseboxes and when it’s warmer bell tents for private retreat by donation.
FYI the sweat lodge is just under construction. I will upload photos the morrow.
Two frequencies co-exist on this planet. The old system of blame shame guilt depression obsession regression domination fear. And the other, our vortex and local grid, worldwide and universal connection to creation and pure love.

These stark differences are so profound. I see it all around. And it’s so easy to get dragged down into depleting frequencies.

Love in motion. Love in action supersedes all heavy stagnant depleting frequencies. There is always a choice. We can avoid entanglement with high density drama and act as a beacon of pure love. The Act of observing and being aware of These old fashioned and old of date images suddenly loose their hold and burn away.
One year into living off grid. Folk have different ideas about off grid. He is mine. Prep for the meltdown of the world. Gather firewood and kindling from fallen or widow making trees (look that one up) and create a wood store, have a good water filter which can purify spring and river water. Have plenty of water cans to store water so you don’t have to trek. Invest in a solar array and battery and a inverter to power charging, provide light and so forth.

Wear more layers. Thermals and wool sweaters. Adjust to the cold. Getting in the year round freezing spring water has helped me adjust. Mornings living outside in a wool and canvas yurt can be icy. Yet now it does not phase me. A hot water bottle under the duvet is divine. I don’t want to waste firewood, chopping wood, collecting water take time. So I try make it last.

Storms are like being on a mysterious theme park ride. Hearing the weather systems build and circle , trees sway all around , it has been enlightening and thrilling.

Yet it’s nature in action which makes me want to remain living outdoors. The change in sounds and seasons is visceral.

Presently I have a stoat using the underneath wood base of my abode as a daytime and night time observation and hunting spot. Owl techno continues from midnight till 2. The stag grunts about from 2 till 5, the game birds warble away till the sun comes up.

Next up is wood pigeon, woodpecker and cockerel.

The odd lamb bleat and sheep bah, interspersed with moo.

And oh hello the geese have arrived and deer jump across the hedgerow and heathers.
So much identity I have felt the need to drop. Gutted that I had just got stuck into Druidry studies. It was hard to let go of shamanism. Yet what resonates is my own source connection and nothing else.

Apart from Taoism and Jainism all other systems sadly are fake. They extract our energy, they take our own power aware and distract us from our potential.

Yet there are aspects of systems which enrich my life.

The Druidic notion of building a relationship with a tree, and talking with the tree, asking permission to hug the tree, give offerings and have some sacred fun and a moment to pause and be.

There is so much healing available to us from the trees.

I’ve tended to a nearby horse chestnut tree which makes art of itself by aligning its lower branches with the sloping gradient of the pasture.

This tree called out for some dressing. I fell in love with how folk in Bali dress and make offerings and altars with the elements and fruit and flowers. I bring in that energy from Bali and link it with other trees I know.

A neighbour commented that the tree has never looked so healthy and green, it’s been looking sad the past years.

Last year the tree was leafy, this year it’s more like a puffed up feathery bird. Immense leaves and horse chestnut blossom.

Which the bees go apis about, so much so they are busy swarming and building a hive. Time to get the bait box out and see the lemongrass can tempt them in, so that I might eventually bring them to the auto hive, a way of extracting honey without needing to open to hive. Roll on apiary baptism.
Good emotional regulation

Here is an example of a nervous system shot to pieces:

Person sends an email and spells the recipients name incorrectly. Said sender then gets in an utter flap, experiences an increased heart rate, sweats, negative depleting thoughts about what the other person might think.

Another way to look at is:

Oh shit fuck and laugh. Make amends upon the response and move on.

You can bet nervous system of depleting mindset will still be stewing and causing themselves so much anguish.

And we always have a choice. We can calm the nervous system and then see what is being reflected back to us and then drop.

The act of observing creates change and a new potential.

Yet it’s scary taking a peek. That can’t be denied. Yet we all deserve to embody more renewal, creativity and love.
You know you live in the countryside when your neighbours don’t mind, in fact reminisce about the sound of cockerels crowing away morning, noon and night.