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Working on a vid showing all the bolt action rifle brands and talking pros and cons of each. Should be out Saturday evening.
Sooo, how does this work? Can y’all chat on here or is it just posts from the channel? Can you comment?
Okay, I have been fiddling with setting. Can you all comment now?
Welcome everybody! Will be nice to have a place we can converse without YouTube’s dumb policies.
Got my CZ 457 22lr rifle scopes up with an Arken (they changed their waterproofing after seeing my video and sent me this one hit off the press).

I’m anxious to test some 22lr rifles this week. Center fire stuff is just too expensive right now for most people.
I’ve had the question a couple times, about why it’s just me on the channel now.

Here’s the story. I went to law school and became a lawyer. During law school I started the Improve Photography podcast and website. It got millions of views, so I didn’t practice law (even though I’m still licensed), but instead became a content creator. I built up that brand and eventually sold the company.

I then started many other online brands that I started, grew traffic, and sold.

Then, I started Income School. I ran that with a partner and we grew it to 80 employees. We actually started Backfire as a case study to show people how to start an online business. Anyway, the other people on the channel in the past were employees and my business partner.

Earlier this year, I sold the company but kept Backfire, so now I run it myself. I’d retire, but I just love guns and content creation too much 😀 Plus, more money is always nice.

I’m also in the process of opening a k-12 private school in St George Utah since education is a passion of mine, and public education is an embarrassment.

So that’s the back-story for those of you who are wondering.
New truck! Let the adventures begin. Got a pretty good deal on this 2019 Ram Laramie with only 6k miles.
Like my new shirt? 😂
Enjoying our blacktail deer hunt on Kodiak right now. My boys are freezing but we’re having fun. No deer yet.
So what deals are y’all looking at for Black Friday? I have my eye on a ckyepod from MDT.

Also, I’ll reveal the winner of yesterday’s vid. 300WSM beat thr .30-06 by 7% of the vote. Took me hours to read all the comments, lol. Next time I’ll make an actual poll.
6.8 Western in the house!