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Forwarded from Grace Van Berkum⚡️
Big turnout in Calgary. Canada is waking up that things are not making sense. 💪🇨🇦
At the present time, all COVID medical products offered under the auspices of a “vaccine” are granted approval as an Emergency Use Authorization.

They are not approved by the FDA.

Mandating investigational or experimental therapies is therefore unlawful according to 21 U.S.C. §360bbb-3 “Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies”.

If your organization is mandating this, it is violating Federal Law & this action will be held accountable.

Learn the facts: https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/legal/vaccines-the-law
Know your rights. There is NO MASK LAW. Only the Legislature can make laws. The governor cannot make laws. The mayor cannot make laws. The Public Health directors cannot make laws. Only the Legislative Branch can make laws. There is no mask law. "Orders" and "guidelines" are not laws. In addition, private businesses like Costco, Trader Joes, etc that are open to the public are PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS. This is the legal term used. As a public accommodation, these businesses cannot discriminate against people and require a mask for service. Any private business acting as a public accommodation that requires a mask is discriminating. Discrimination is against civil rights laws. These businesses can be sued for discrimination and for violating the Civil Rights Act. Learn more about your rights at thehealthyamerican.org.
Forwarded from Lok
Forwarded from Tania The Herbalist🌱
Media is too big
Here is what I saw with my own eyes yesterday evening:

We put a moistened surgical mask (simulation of one being worn) under a microscope. Guess what we saw? Tiny, morgellon-like nanobots dancing around. Terrifying.

Put a PCR test under the microscope - even more terrifying. Various parasite-like substances dancing away and moving around with purpose. Amoeba-like parasites jumping back and forth between each other. It shook the whole room.

This is the shit you’re putting into your bodies. This is the stuff that some are even insisting upon their children and themselves.
Forwarded from Skull’s Charnel House
Media is too big

You thought the microscopic black Morgellon fibers were creepy? The fibers on this PCR test are full sized, easily visible to the naked eye, and reach out and grab objects in the exact same matter.

What's even more distressing, this test reveals they grab onto the brain matter and then detach themselves from the test stick.

No telling what they do after they're embedded into your brain. Whatever it is, it's not good.

Don't so much as even get tested for this fake disease!

Another reason to NOT get the jab!
Forwarded from Grace Van Berkum⚡️
Deep dive with Celeste for only 2.99. Hours of info.

Especially the Forecasting chapter. Breakdown of what’s coming.

This is why alternative treatments that work are not being mentioned to the public.
Forwarded from Knowledge Channel
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if the media admitted Hydroxychloroquine works to prevent COVID - The vaccines loose their Emergency Usage Status
Forwarded from Grace Van Berkum⚡️
Extremely important facts to consider and it’s mind blowing how many people do not know these facts, nor are there doctors telling them.