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Apple's market capitalisation: $950bn

Bitcoin's market capitalisation: $175bn

Apple is a company 🏬

Bitcoin is a new financial system 🏦

Where would you put your money?
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) | Chart Analysis

- Series of lower lows & lower highs

- Failing to reclaim crucial EMAs

- $7K would be a 50% retracement from local highs + confluence with 200EMA, anything between $7,000 - $7,600 would be a good buying opportunity in our opinion if BTC/USD does break down

- Keeping the PA simple here, don't want to get caught up in the chop

- Invalidation would be a higher low, reclamation of EMAs and $10,850 level (1D)

Bearish until proven otherwise right now
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Bitcoin Halving πŸ•™

With the Bitcoin Halving approaching quickly, what can we learn from the last one?

Is $7,427 the magic number we should all be watching?

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