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Airdrop Depository Network (DEPO )
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1. Go to Depository Network website
2. Click on β€œBuy DEPO”
3. Submit your details and signup
4. Verify your Email and log in
5. Click on β€œAirdrop” from the dashboard.
6. Perform social tasks
Airdrop Jupiter Chain (JUPT)
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1. Go to Telegram bot
2. Join Telegram group
3. Follow on Twitter
4. Follow them on Facebook and take a screenshot
5. Submit your details to the bot and verify
Airdrop BlockchainIO (BCIO)
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You will receive your BCIO Tokens directly on their forthcoming exchange Blockchain.io

1. Go to airdrop page and register
2. Validate your email
3. Perform the different social tasks
(You'll need 200 points minimum to get a prize)
Airdrop Yondo (YON)
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1. Go to airdrop form
2. Join Telegram group
3. Follow Twitter and retweet tweet
4. Like Facebook page and share post
Airdrop High Performance Blockchain (HPB)
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1. Go to High Performance Blockchain airdrop page
2. Sign up with your email address
3. Go to your profile and submit your ETH wallet address
4. Connect your Twitter and Telegram account
(The link will be available on the top of the web page)
5. Complete daily social tasks to earn free HPB points
Airdrop VIDDO (VDT)
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1. Go to Telegram bot
2. Follow on Twitter
3. Join Official Telegram group and Bounty Telegram group
4. Submit your details to the bot
Airdrop GreenHashes (GH)
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1. Join GreenHashes Telegram group
2. Follow on Twitter
3. Retweet GreenHashes Tweet-1 & Tweet-2 with the tags #GreenHashes #GH #Green #Mining #ICO #airdrop
4. Follow GreenHashes Facebook
5. Share GreenHashes Facebook Post-1 & Post-2
6. Submit your Waves public address and previous details to GreenHashes Airdrop from

If you don’t have a Waves wallet then get one from here
Airdrop Opporty (OPP)
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1. Go to Telegream bot
2. Join Telegram group
3. Leave a positive message in Telegram group
4. Ask a question (> 30 characters) on Telegram and tag @MaryanaAndrievskaya or @KristinaSavchuk on it (+15 OPP).
5. Submit your details to the bot
Airdrop Know Token (KN)
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1. Go to airdrop Bot
2. Join Teelgram group
3. Enter your ETH address
4. Enter your Email
Airdrop Share Internet Data (SID)
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1. Go to Telegram bot
2. Go to Share Internet Data website
3. Sign up with your email address
4. Verify your Email
5. Join Telegram group
6. Follow Twitter and retweet their recent tweet
7. Like on Facebook and share their page
8. Submit your details to the bot
Airdrop Kheper (KHP)
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1. Go to Telegram bot
2. Click on β€œClaim my Khepers”
3. Join Telegram group
4. Like Facebook page
5. Submit your details to the bot
6. You will receive a unique code.
7. Sign up at Kheper dashboard and verify your Email
8. Submit your code and ETH address in your profile
Airdrop Symphony (SIM)
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1. Enter your Email
2. Enter your ETH address
3. Perform socail tasks
Airdrop IOST Community Hub (IOST)
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1. Sign up on IOST hub airdrop page
2. Verify your mobile number and log in
3. Answer a short quiz
4. You will receive 100 IOST
5. See the "Quests" tab to earn more IOST
6. You need to verify at least 2 of your social accounts in the ''Accounts'' tab to join the referral program

Withdrawal from your account will be possible after 30 days
Airdrop Skrumble (SKM) (ROUND 2)
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1. Go to Skrumble Network’s Ally App page
2. Download the Ally App for your mobile device
3. Signup and use code β€œairdrops” to get an extra 50 SKM tokens
4. Join Telegram group
Airdrop Buying (200 BUY)
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1. Go to Airdrop Form
2. Register on Buying Website
3. Join Telegram group
(You will be required to ask a 25-word question about the platform)
4. Like on Facebook and share post
5. Follow on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet