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The September 2020 newsletter of the Ministry of Finance.
JSC Ohangaronsement(OHSM) and JSC Uchkurgon yog (UCHY) were included into official listing of RSE Toshkent from October 13th, 2020
JSCB "Qishloq Qurilish Bank" (KKBN) announced the results of 9M20:
* Total assets increased by 23.9% and reached 14.6 trillion UZS;
* Total equity increased by 69.8% and reached 2.4 trillion UZS;
* Total liabilities increased by 17.7% and reached 12.3 trillion UZS;
* Net interest income increased by 13.3% and reached 422 billion UZS;
* Net income before operating expenses increased by 1.5% and reached 471.4 billion UZS;
* Net profit decreased by 6% and reached 200.7 billion UZS;
* Estimated P/B ratio at the level of 102 UZS per share - 0.66
* Estimated P/E ratio at the level of 102 UZS per share - 10
JSCB Kapitalbank (KPBA) announced issue of 40,000,000 preferred shares or about 19.6% of new equity at 950 UZS par-value per share. Bank expects to sell them in an open market.

According to its charter, preferred shares to receive fixed dividends at 5%+Central Bank's key rate, what comes down to 19% now.