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So I’m sure everyone has started witnessing and being impacted by food shortages, something we’ve been warning about for a while.

All last year and even the year before we were hearing about farming labour shortages. Farmers having to destroy crops and get in foreign workers from overseas.

Have Australians literally become lazy, useless eaters, or is there something more sinister going on?

I would say, since our farmers are drowning in red tape and tariffs put in place by our treasonous government, forcing many to sell and most of our farm land being bought by foreign entities, that this entire situation is to drive more global, privitised control over our food supply.

Find your local, Aussie farmers, give them your full support and start growing your own food!

And remember - the “COVID narrative” is only a small part of the bigger global takeover. Stop giving your full attention to it, because there is much more going on that many people are missing.
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When they accidentally on purpose tell us the elite are here to control the world...

The World Economic Forum, pathing the way for a global takeover:
This is a testimony of 2 personal connections of mine who have spent most of their lives studying and working to become better nurses, who were extremely good at their jobs and highly sort after for management positions.

2 out of the many, many nurses across this country who have been fired and now blacklisted by AHPRA for standing against a mandate that removes bodily autonomy from the people. That is killing and harming hundreds of thousands.

We should all be extremely concerned that the government is blacklisting people who do not submit to its tyranny. We should all be extremely concerned that all healthcare professionals who have any integrity have been fired and blacklisted.
Many times have I exposed and deconstructed the Common Law system for what it is. But so many Australians still seem completely captured by this grand deception. There is an in-depth article on the ASA website for anyone seeking the objective truth on the matter.

Australians don't seem concerned about the objective truth, they seem to care more about what individual or group they can passively support to have their inalienable rights secured. Let me tell you that is not how you secure your sovereignty, that is not how you get your inalienable rights recognised.
I'll leave you with some points on the Common Law system to mull over.

-Common Law = Feudal Law.

-Feudalism = Slavery.

-Feudal Law = Mental, physical and financial slavery.

-Common Law defined by the Monarch (one arch) means slavery.

-The Privy (privacy) Council sets judicial precedent in Judge Law, which is, Private Law.

-Hierarchy and leadership is based on inheritance rather than competency.

-Common Law is dogmatic belief and written opinion.

-Common Law is established by a Quasi Judicial Tribunal, Quasi is a Latin word meaning, almost as it were/as if it were/pretender/infiltrator.

-The commoners of the Common Law system are the members of, the House of Commons/Clarence House/Winsor House and all other associative Houses/the Privy Court and their Puny (Puisné) Judges. Puny meaning an inexperienced person, an inferior, a subordinate, someone of no importance.

-The general public are considered in the Common Law system to be serfs (slaves).

-Serfs have no recognised human rights.

-The Queen and her Commoners have no allegiance to any Serf.

-Serfs aren't "privy" to the Privy Court, thereby definition, aren't Commoners.

-The words used, their definitions and traditions are common to the above mentioned and them alone. An example is 'Queens English and 'Noble Latin' (Vatican Court).

-The crown and territories were conceded to Pope Innocent III and have been "rented" back off the Vatican for hundreds of years.

Stop playing the slavery game. Stop serving papers like you have the recourses and infrastructure to apprehend and detain these vile traitors. This has been tried many times prior to 2020 to no avail. This is pacifying our people and delaying what needs to be done. It fills people with so much blind hope they think they wont have to do anything for themselves, because many people seem allergic to personal responsibility.

Realise the power of community, take on the responsibility, build your own stronghold, create self sustained systems, embrace that struggle and lets forge our own destiny. Nationalism & Natural Law is our path forward.
The Velvet Revolution, just like the Australia Project, is a fraud and a distraction. Run by people of the common law movement including Lyn Bennetts and Mike Holt. They continually change names to sound legitimate, but it is all still the same fraud.

The common law movement has been going for much, much longer then these past few years. They have duped many people for financial gains.

There is a huge difference between comprehending common law in regards to defending yourself against this corrupt system and the common law movement which seeks to self proclaim themselves authority of the land with their own Governor General, Sherifs and common law courts. Particularly when they pledge themselves to Queen Elizabeth who has given her allegiance not to the people, but to the UN global agenda.

People have been serving papers for years and we’ve seen nothing come of it. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Have we gone insane, Australia?

Among other things, the people leading the Velvet Revolution are extremely unprofessional. No one is seen presenting themselves in a professional manner while making official statements or declaring their right to lead Australia in a revolution. In one of their videos, Jackie, from Rise Up Sydney is vaping. They are simply speaking words that people want to hear and because people are desperate for someone else to save them people are latching onto false hope. Anyone not in a state of desperation can clearly see that these are not people who look or sound ready to lead or take back anything.

Lyn Bennetts was live this morning telling people that today is the day. Later this morning there will apparently be “millions of people in every city” to make arrests and take back the country.

In an earlier video she claims that her sheriffs will have badges and guns and that authority will “just know” they are more powerful.

You know who also made outrageous claims? Teresa Van Lieshout, the self proclaimed Governor General of the now called Australia Project who was kicked out for being crazy.

Can we please stop falling for these ridiculous movements, because it’s making Australia look like a bunch of fools. For more of a breakdown on common law, see the above post on our channel:

Another warning to consider, the fund for the convey to Canberra was set up by another common law person by the name of Greer. I am hearing through the grapevine that anyone in the convey asking for support from this fund that many people have donated to is being blocked on social media. Just because something looks good from the outside, doesn’t mean it is. Question everything and research “Operation Trust”.
Media is too big
A whistleblower from the funeral industry warning us about the death they are seeing.

The masses are being programmed & desensitised to submit to tyranny & corruption & not ask questions. And they don’t. They do what they’re told no matter the death it is causing on grand scale.

The “freedom movement” are trying to convince us that there are more people awake than not. This is simply not the case when you take into consideration the amount of complicit people who have seen all this death & not said anything. Nurses, doctors, aged care workers, funeral directors, ambulance officers...

The fact is, there is mass death happening in this country, it’s not from a virus and the majority of Australians are complicit in what is essentially murder.
The Covid Vax is causing mass heart conditions across the world, many resulting in death. Our last post was a video of a woman from the funeral industry based in Sydney who said they’re seeing many young men who’ve died from heart attacks or strokes.

Pharma companies have earned billions of dollars off this “virus” and governments have given them indemnity (no liability for damages), so between them both they’ve got to make sure they’ve got their cover stories.

Since we are going to see mass death, mainstream media is now reporting that broken heart “disease” has now coincidently risen, along with increased stokes from paracetamol. This is how they manipulate the masses, because people don’t want to believe governments and industries are corrupt and they don’t want to take responsibility on themselves.
Russia Vs Ukraine – Is it really what you think?

From start to finish this is all by design, and both sides are really one side. The current conflict is just the next phase of the Great Reset, Agenda 21 that helps the fulfilment of their new world order. It’s all smoke and mirrors to what’s really happening.

There are so many connections and details that could turn this post into an entire book. But here are some short points on Russia and Ukraine that may give some insight into how its connected to these sinister agendas and who’s controlling it.

Firstly, you need to be aware that there are no “Governments” anymore, they are an illusion to the fact that it is private enterprise and global stakeholders that control the organisation people refer to as the “Government”. One just has to look at how much Australia’s public sector has been privitised over the past 3 decades, to be able to draw that conclusion. That isn’t to say there isn’t “Government" and private enterprise relations, but those relations simply enable the illusion to be sustained.

The conflict is being used as a tool to create major supply chain disruptions under the guise of national conflict. Primarily, for food and fuel which we’re only starting to see the effects of. Russia and Ukraine combined, supply a quarter of the world’s grains market, not to mention Ukraine is the food bowl of Europe (see document⬇️).

Russia is a major supplier of fuel to Europe which puts Europeans in a very precarious position.

Russia has been completely owned and operated by Jewish oligarchs since they violently overthrew the Russian Tzar during the Bolshevik revolution (see video⬇️).

Vladimir Putin was one of the young global leaders of the world economic forum (see video⬇️).

As recently as October 2021, Russia launched its Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which completely counters the narrative going around that Russia is opposed to the cabal behind the WEF and its agenda (see document⬇️).

Ukraine has been controlled by Jewish oligarchs also for some time. Ukraine’s current president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish and is funded by a Jewish oligarch by the name of Igor Kolomoisky.

We also have in this situation, a “Neo-Nazi” militia by the name of Azov, who have allegedly mobilized in some front-line areas. This group has also been majority funded by Igor Kolomoisky since its establishment in 2014. This helps to not only control all sides of conflict, but it attracts and sets up nationalistic European men to be cannon fodder. Interestingly, in WWII when German forces entered the area that is now Ukraine, the people welcomed the Germans as their liberators from the Soviet system. This gives insight as to why a Jewish oligarch would be the main contributor to an organization like this.

The European Union, the UN and NATO come from the one communist mindset and remember, communism is a Jewish creation.

The European Union is the soviet system as Vladimir Bukovsky sums up (see video⬇️).

Modern day Democracies like both Russia and Ukraine are designed to give the political power to the owners and controllers of corporate media and private enterprise, which again, is heavily dominated by Jews. That isn’t antisemitism, that is fact.

Don’t get sucked into Jewish theater.

We’re not interested in any more brother wars, that is, European vs European as this will only divide and weakens us further, ultimately delaying the real battle, which is defeating international finance, communism, the Jewish Oligarchs and their New World Order.
For those wanting a deeper understanding of Australian Sovereignty Alliance, this documentary on the work, speeches and life of Oswald Mosley encapsulates much of the inspiration behind this movement. I hold Mosley’s legacy in high regard and believe that with teamwork, organisation and action, Australia can be the catalyst for Nationalist governments to emerge, not only here but around the world.

With all the campaigning for the federal election, I would like to remind everyone, THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION, within the current system.

It is multinational corporations, private enterprises and international finance that control our government, not the will of the Australian people. So many people who say they’re awake to the corruption within government are now talking about how to vote to get some independent elected. Participating in a broken system will only yield broken results. Think about all the broken promises these corrupt politicians have given us, year after year, term after term. Are we really going to keep repeating the same behavior and expect different results? That is insanity!

We must unify and organize ourselves outside the current system, in order to take action against it. No more talking committees, what Australians want and need is action. If this documentary strikes a cord, if it evokes the revolutionary within you or if it makes you see a future worth fighting for, contact us through our website.
How many people know we are at war and of those people, how many are taking it seriously?

It’s not like any war that’s ever been waged. It’s a worldwide psychological, technological, information war so subtle, so underhanded and so diabolical that most people just cannot fathom it or don’t want to know about it.

The goal is to gather worldwide control of every living thing by a handful of very powerful and very evil families using private corporations.

Most people shrug their shoulders and think it doesn’t matter - we’ve been controlled (enslaved) for such a long time and people are comfortable, so the idea doesn’t bother them. They’re happy to stay ignorant and submissive to this worldwide agenda, which will strip people of any kind of personal rights and choices and funnel them into robotic, artificial lifestyles. These people are not only happy to submit to that, to remain ignorant and refuse responsibility, but by their silence and submission, they condemn the world to slavery.

Then there are the people who are angry. They see the writing on the wall, more and more people are, and they want to stop it, as they should. However, these “global elite” as the “freedom movement” generally call them, know there will be people like us. Of course they have and actively use many tactics to drown, confuse and keep people chasing their tails and never actually succeeding at anything.

But also, and here’s something most people are missing... they actually want people to start seeing what is happening. They need people to “wake up” in a slow progression to create a desensitisation to the changes.

I don’t see the “waking up” of society a sign of hope, but rather of the agenda moving forward as planned.

As we should all know by now, when things are repeated over and over and over, people get used to it and eventually accept it.

Weather manipulation is starting to be known and accepted. Vaccine damage and death is starting to be known and accepted. It’s becoming normal, because they need to normalise the destruction of nature and individual human rights for people to accept and eventually submit to it.

They release their entertainment propaganda of pandemic movies and “scary weather” blockbusters to cement the subconscious fear of nature so that when it comes out publicly that they manipulating the weather and genetically modifying humanity “for our own good”, the people clap and cheer.

Just like the slow destruction of race, gender and the family unit. It’s been a subtle war, a slippery slope of demoralisation so we stop relying on our families and our people and take up the system as our family and lifeline.

We need less virtue signalling online and more people willing to accept responsibility and do the hard work in undoing the damage being waged by these people who hate humanity and nature. This work is hard, its challenging, it’s unpopular and it’s avoided by the majority of people, but it’s the only way we will take back our power.

Drowning yourself and others in information isn’t going to save us. They want you kept busy sitting around being “educated” and “opening your eyes” and less time actually DOING anything about it. Everyone is spending so much time just looking and researching and posting and arguing and not enough time healing themselves and their families, listening to one another, reaching out the their communities, supporting each other, empowering each other and building the systems we need to actually live the example of freedom we all talk about online.

The best way to save our future and claim back our freedom is to live as an example of what that looks like in our families, in our communities and in society.

Power is with the people, but only when there is unity and there will never be unity when we are not actively involved in healing and building up our communities.

So HEAL your families. Ditch the toxic foods and products. Stop supporting the major chains and corporations wherever you can - stop selling your freedom for convenience.
Link in with local farmers and growers, business owners and skilled workers - the ones owned by our neighbours. It may cost more, but you are paying for true, Australian quality and FREEDOM. The more local industry we can build up, the more power the people hold.

Stop losing yourself in the mud pit of disinformation and the trap of entertainment and convenience and start BUILDING outside the system. Build respect and build it the Aussie way. With honest, hard work, together. That is how powerful, lasting change will happen.

That is how we fight a psychological, technological, information war.