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Stablecoin linked to Australian dollar
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​​AUDT received regulatory approval in Australia 🥳

Visit our Website for more information about one of the first stablecoins linked to Australian Dollar →
The website 💻

We finished it in December 2019 and since then were completing all legal work around one of the first stablecoins linked to the Australian Dollar.

Our team is happy to share some insights into the design process
​​$AUDT is currently available for purchase on:

1️⃣ the website

2️⃣ the cryptocurrency exchange
​​All about $AUDT, featured in Bitcoin Insider 📺

• Australian Dollar linked stablecoin 🇦🇺
• fully compliant & transparent
• 100% backed and regularly audited
​​🗞 in the press:

Australian Blockchain company to stabilize volatility in OZ
- cryptonewsnet 🌏⚖️

⇨⇨⇨ Link to press release ⇦ ⇦ ⇦
​​🇦🇺 Trade popular cryptocurrencies with Australian Dollar using the AUDT stable token 🦘

New CoinMarketCap-Headlines post 📝

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