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Hello everyone and welcome to Asterysc.

As some of you may already know, Asterysc is the result of the merger of several projects, among them all related to the creation of trading software.

Here are some interesting links:

- Official Website
- Instagram
- Youtube
- MyfxBook

In this first phase, we start with our first product and already well known by many of you: Asterysc - Hunter EA.

This system has been generating profits day after day since January 2019 as you can see in our myfxbook.

But that will not be all, very soon new trading systems will be added to our portfolio which are already in the final phase of testing, as well as copytrading systems and for fund accounts for those who prefer it.

Stay tuned.
Hello everyone!

Last day of January, and we have reached with our Software an average on all accounts of 5% over the minimum recommended amount.

So we finish another month in profit!
That makes 49 out of 49 consecutive months in profit!

We are also celebrating our 4th birthday this month!

So as a birthday celebration we want to give the opportunity to anyone to use our software for free, this will only be active during the month of February!

To benefit from our software, you only need to create an account in the broker we use, you can do it in just a few minutes from here:

Click here to create an account.

Create a Standard account for MT4 and once your account is created and verified, send us an email to or write us by telegram: @neriax and we will activate our software in your MT4 account.

Stay tuned.