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Bangladesh Prioritizes India for Teesta River Project Despite China's Offer
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her preference for India to execute the $1 billion Teesta River development project, despite China's readiness and offer to conduct a feasibility study. This decision comes amidst efforts by both India and China to secure the Teesta River Comprehensive Management and Restoration project, led by Dhaka.
Bitcoin Surges Past $65,000, Showcasing Resilience and Fueling Optimism in the Crypto Market
Bitcoin's price has surged past the $65,000 mark, demonstrating remarkable resilience despite significant sell-off events. This recovery is fueled by strong investor demand for regulated Bitcoin exposure, as evidenced by the over $16 billion inflows into spot Bitcoin ETFs since their launch in January.
Increase in Employment Numbers in Various Sectors in India in 2022-23 as Per RBI Data
The RBI reported an increase in the number of employed individuals in 27 sectors by 3.31 percent to 59.66 crore in 2022-23 compared to 57.75 crore in 2021-22. The employment growth rate in the financial year ended March was 6 percent, far surpassing private survey numbers that indicated high unemployment rates.
Swiggy Announces Fifth ESOP Liquidity Program, Offering Employees $65 Million Ahead of IPO
Swiggy announced its fifth ESOP liquidity program, offering employees across all levels and functions the opportunity to receive up to $65 million for their vested ESOPs. This marks the fifth ESOP allocation since 2018 and the third consecutive event following similar programs in July 2022 and 2023.
Telangana CM Revanth Reddy Under Extensive Surveillance During Opposition Tenure
Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy was subjected to extensive surveillance by a dedicated police team during his tenure as an opposition leader, primarily due to his aggressive stance against the then Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and his associates. The surveillance operation, which involved phone tapping and monitoring of his residence, remained active until the December 2023 assembly elections.
Apple Releases Public Betas for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, watchOS 11, and tvOS 18
Apple has launched public betas for its upcoming software updates, providing early access to new features and improvements across iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs. While the betas offer enhancements like home screen customization on iOS 18 and new health-focused features on watchOS 11, the much-anticipated "Apple Intelligence" AI features are still in development for future releases.
India Rejects US Religious Freedom Report, Citing Bias and Misrepresentation
India has strongly rejected the US State Department's 2023 religious freedom report, terming it "deeply biased" and lacking in understanding of the country's social fabric. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Spokesperson, Randhir Jaiswal, launched a scathing critique of the report, accusing it of being driven by "vote bank considerations and a prescriptive outlook."
Amit Shah assures Matua community of citizenship under CAA, accuses Mamata of spreading canards
Union Home Minister Amit Shah assured the Matua community that its members would get citizenship under the CAA and accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of spreading canards about it. Shah said Banerjee can't stop the implementation of CAA in Bengal as it is a central law and no one will face any trouble in getting citizenship.
Rahul Gandhi Urges PM Modi to Investigate Adani and Ambani Money Allegations
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch a CBI or ED investigation into whether businessmen Adani and Ambani sent money to the Bharatiya Janata Party. This request was prompted by Modi's remarks questioning why Gandhi had ceased naming Adani and Ambani in his criticisms and insinuating whether he had received funds from them in return.
Hindustan Unilever Sells Pureit Water Purification Business to A. O. Smith
Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has decided to sell its Pureit water purification business to US-based company A. O. Smith in an effort to focus more on its core categories amidst challenging market conditions. The deal, estimated to have an enterprise value of around Rs 600 crore, is seen as a strategic move by HUL to cater to changing consumer demands and to strengthen A. O. Smith's presence in the Indian market.
Overview of Lok Sabha Elections in Uttar Pradesh and Across India
Voters in 13 constituencies in Uttar Pradesh will participate in phase 4 of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 on May 13 with a total of 130 candidates running for seats. Additionally, this phase includes voters from other states such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Jammu and Kashmir.
Indian Healthcare Sector Projected for 12.6% Growth in Q1FY25, Driven by Hospitals and Diagnostics
The Indian healthcare sector is poised for significant growth in the first quarter of FY25, with a projected 12.6% year-on-year (YoY) revenue increase. This growth is primarily driven by a 15% rise in hospital revenues and a 12% increase in diagnostics, according to a report by brokerage firm BNP Paribas Securities India Private Limited.
Reliance Jio Free Recharge Scam Targets Users with False Wedding Celebration Offer
A WhatsApp scam is preying on unsuspecting users by falsely claiming to offer a free 3-month Reliance Jio recharge in celebration of Anant Ambani's recent wedding. The message, written in Hindi, falsely attributes the offer to Mukesh Ambani and directs users to click on a suspicious link, potentially exposing them to phishing attacks and compromising their personal information.
Phase 3 Concludes with High Voter Turnout, PM Modi and Shah Cast Votes
The third phase of India's Lok Sabha elections concluded with a 61.16% voter turnout, marking a significant milestone in the country's democratic process. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah cast their votes in Ahmedabad, setting an example for citizens to participate in this crucial exercise.
Phase 3 Sees Moderate Turnout, Diverse Candidates, and Regional Variations
The third phase of India's Lok Sabha elections concluded with a moderate voter turnout of 51%, reflecting a mixed response from the electorate across the 93 constituencies that went to the polls. While West Bengal emerged as the frontrunner with an impressive turnout of 63.11%, Maharashtra witnessed a relatively low turnout of 42.63%.
Possible Change in Base Year for National Economic Accounts
An advisory committee is considering revising the base year for national economic accounts and is likely to choose between the financial years 2022-23 and 2023-24 based on the availability of updated data sets. The revision process is expected to be time-consuming and comprehensive, with previous revisions taking a considerable amount of time.
Delhi Election Commission Partners with Rapido for Free Rides Home, Encouraging Voter Participation
The Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi has announced a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with bike taxi company Rapido to provide free rides home for voters on May 25th. This partnership aims to tackle transportation challenges and empower citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Historic Berthing of Mothership San Fernando at Vizhinjam International Seaport Inauguration
The Managing Director of Adani Ports and SEZ Limited (APSEZ), Karan Adani, celebrated the arrival of the mothership San Fernando at the new Vizhinjam International Seaport near Kovalam Beach in Kerala, marking a significant achievement in Indian maritime history. Adani emphasized the advanced infrastructure and technological sophistication of Vizhinjam Port, highlighting it as India's first transshipment port with state-of-the-art facilities.
Google Maps for Android Receives Visual Refresh with Redesigned Interface
Google Maps for Android is undergoing a visual refresh, introducing a redesigned interface that aligns with Google's Material Design 3 guidelines. The update brings bottom sheets that provide a cleaner and more immersive experience, alongside redesigned search and navigation elements for enhanced user interaction.
IB Students Accused of Leaking Exam Papers Through Time Zone Manipulation
Students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) are suspected of leaking exam papers by misusing time zone differences, offering an unfair advantage to some test-takers. The leaked question papers from various subjects were reportedly shared on social media platforms, leading to an investigation by the IB authority.