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Miners for sale in the Western Hemisphere (Americas). Not for mining equipment located in Europe, China, Australia, Africa, etc. The sellers who post ads in this channel have been verified by @offordscott
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$3420 + shipping

DHL $96 per one miner all-in

Offer ID: #HASH023 via @hashexpert
5,000 new Ebang Ebit E9+ with new 1800W PSU available for sale in USA

100 units: $100 each
500 units: $95 each
1000 units: $90 each
5000 units: $85 each

MOQ: 100 units

Offer ID: #SOMC01 via @offordscott
4 used Bitmain Antminer Z9 Mini for sale in Michigan

$250 USD each.

Offer ID: #SOVD01 via @offordscott
WTS: Lot of Miners / PSU’s
200 x Bitmain Z9 mini
5 x Innosilicon A9
200 x Bitmain APW3++ PSU’s
100 x additional new Bitmain APW3++ PSU’s

Must buy whole lot

Located in Las Vegas
$48,500 total + shipping

Offer ID: #BS00009
WTS 6000 Antminer S9k in China
- 14 Th/s

Brand New
in Boxes
$285-295 each (depends on qty) + shipping

Ships with OC firmware up to 16.5T as standard

includes 180 day warranty
Ships in July

Offer ID:JM0000123 via @jimmus217
WTS 6000 Antminer S9k in China
- 14.5 Th/s

Brand New
in Boxes
$295-315 each (depends on qty) + shipping

Ships with OC firmware up to 16.5T as standard

includes 180 day warranty
Ships in July

Offer ID:JM0000124 via @jimmus217




Offer ID: #HASH024 via @hashexpert

- 250 MH/s (ETH)
- 1350W
- 9*AMD RX570 4 GB with heatsink cooling
- No-risers mobo
- Linux Ubuntu 16.04 OS UL, CB,  CE, FCC, 80+Gold certified AM PSU-1600 (180-240V) included. 

Limited US stock $1,295, volume discounts available. Ready to ship.

Offer ID: #AMGPU200 via @msav2000
WTS 5000 Aisen A1 in China
- 24 TH/s
- Built in PSU
- 2200w

Brand New
in Boxes
$599-650 each (depends on qty) + shipping

includes 180 day warranty
Ships in July

Offer ID:JM0000125 via @jimmus217
Please report scams and scammers here: https://t.me/CryptoMiningScams

You might be able to avoid getting scammed if you ask about a seller there before sending them your bitcoin.

Guidelines for Buying From Users on Telegram, by Scott Offord (@offordscott)

1) Assume everyone is out to scam you.

2) If you join a Telegram group and they claim to be a reputable seller, check their username to be sure they don’t have a username under the “Bio” section of their account. The username will be listed under the “Username” section, not in the Bio section of their account. If they don’t have a username, ask them to first create a Telegram username. Then, ask about that username in the @CryptoMiningScams group and @hardwaremarket group on Telegram.

3) Ask the seller to send you a video of them holding a paper with your username and the current date on it while they stand in front of the equipment they are claiming to be selling. Ask them to show their face in the video as well as show the paper with the details and the equipment that is for sale. If they refuse to send a video, ask for photos of the same instead. However, a video is worth 1000 photos!

4) Ask the seller to send you an email from their business email address. It can be used as an additional source to check validity of the seller. You can Google their email address. Also ask for a website address and a phone number as well. Send an email to them, call them on the phone (not through Telegram) or ask them to do a Skype video call with you and do further due diligence to ensure you are talking to a legitimate seller.

5) Ask them to use an escrow service, like escrow.com. If they create a group on Telegram for escrow and add what appear to be legitimate escrow agents, don’t trust them. Instead, double check their usernames by forwarding a message from that user to @userinfobot. Userinfobot will tell you what their Telegram ID is (it will be a number). Go to @CryptoMiningScams group and @hardwaremarket and ask again one more time about the user you are about to do business with and tell them the user ID of that person that the @userinfobot gave to you and check with others to see if that person is truly who they say they are.
847 new Antminers V9 with APW3++ PSU in Ontario, Canada

$65 USD each if you take the whole lot.

Offer ID: #SOTJ02 via @offordscott
5 new Antminer T17 38T for June 23-30 shipping

1850 USD each.

Shipping from HK not included, but available.

Offer ID: #SOO02 via @offordscott
100 Bitmain Z11 for Sale, ships in August
Brand New in Boxes
135k sol/s
1680-1750 each
+ international shipping
Ships from China

Offer ID:JM0000126 via @jimmus217

List Your Used Miners For Sale

Get your miners sold!


WTS: 10 Used Bitmain S9 13.5TH/s. No PSU. In Texas
$350 without PSU
Offer ID: SORC01 via @offordscott
WTS 1000 Aisen A1 in China
- 24 TH/s
- Built in PSU
- 2200w

*Price update*
Brand New
in Boxes
$585-555 each (depends on qty) + shipping

includes 180 day warranty
Ships end of June

Offer ID:JM0000126 via @jimmus217
WTS: 100 x Used Antminer S17 Pro (53 Th/s) Ships Immediately
53 Th/s, 1975 watts
$3860-3690 (depends on qty) + shipping includes built-in power supply
includes 150 day warranty
Ships from stock in China to the US in 5 days

Offer ID:JM0000127 via @jimmus217
Alpha Miner Miner PSU's 180-240 VAC / 200-280 VAC

Server & ATX

1600W, 1800W, 2000W, 2200W, 2400W, 2600W, 3500W. 

UL, FCC, CE, CB, 80 Plus Gold (93% efficiency) certified*, all 6 protections (UVP, OVP, OPP, OTP, OCP, SCP), On/Off switch, 10-20 PCI-E connectors.

The best quality and efficiency, quick delivery, aggressive pricing, volume discounts.

Need a specially customized PSU for your particular setup? Contact us.

*Certification varies by model

Offer ID: #AMPSU via @msav2000
Various Used Miners For Sale in Austin Texas

Model: Halong Mining DragonMint T1
Quantity: 16
Condition: Used
TH/s: 16
Price: $415 USD each
PSU: Included

Model: Bitmain Antminer S9
Quantity: 14
Condition: Used
TH/s: 13.5
Price: $350 USD each
PSU: Included

Model: Bitmain Antminer E3
Quantity: 3
Condition: Used
mH/s: 190
Price: $300 USD each
PSU: Included

Model: Halong Mining DragonMint B29
Quantity: 8
Condition: Used
TH/s: 2.1
Price: $75 USD each
PSU: Included

Model: Bitmain Antminer B3
Quantity: 1
Condition: Used
H/s: 780
Price: $75 USD
PSU: Included

Offer ID: #SODB01 via @offordscott
10 Used Bitmain Antminer Z9 (full size) with PSU in UK

$500 USD each

Offer ID: #SOGW02 via @offordscott