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ARROUND is a communication platform that provides users with a personalized world, advertisers – with a new advertising channel, and ARdevelopers –with a market for their content, software and hardware.
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The road show of ARROUND in Asia is going on -CEO of ARROUND project Neil Bryant has already performed in Seoul (Republic of Korea) on the 1 of March, and on the 5 of March he held pitch in Taipei (Taiwan).

➡️Neil Bryant has spoken about the fact that augmented reality technologies today are the most "hot" topic and urged everyone who is interested in them and believes that the future stand for AR technologies (like us) to learn more about our project.

➡️About the results of the road show we will tell you later. In the meantime, follow the news on social networks and stay with us.

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Introducing ARROUND: The New Augmented Reality Platform Ready to Take on the World

➡️In a changing world where the digital domain is rapidly merging with our real one, the inception of Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been long-overdue. There are a number of startups taking on the tech industry to stake their claim in this exponentially growing market. ARROUND is a platform that helps AR users in ways that only a handful of others have attempted.

Augmented Reality: Market Overview

➡️Augmented Reality is a new kind of technology that’s rapidly taking root in the global market. In fact, the AR industry is projected to be worth a staggering $115 billion by 2020, a hundred-fold increase since the trend was first noticed in 2016, and there are no signs that it’s going to stop there.

Who Are The Players?

➡️People born around 1995 and after are projected to be the core users of this technology going forward, as they’re currently leading the curve in terms of tech adoption. It’s therefore safe to opine that AR will be a natural component of day-to-day life of the majority of Generation Z.

ARROUND Vs The Market

➡️To build its status as a leader in the market, ARROUND employs creativity to ensure efficiency and ease of use of the products offered – you don’t have to know any programming skills to use the platform. Also, being a flexible platform that can be used by a variety of industries, it strives to provide appropriate AR-solutions for many use cases.

➡️While still in start-up mode, ARROUND has already taken some major steps towards the mainstream, in particular it has partnered with the 36.6 group, Russia’s largest pharmacy and cosmetics network, which means it can commercialize it’s product from day one as well as create additional demand for AR.

It’s clear that the AR market is set for explosive growth over the coming years, it’s spawning an entire industry that is ready to blossom, and anyone with a keen mind who is questioning what the future is going to look like is starting to look to AR for the answer.

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The concept of "augmented reality" has existed for a long time, but it has been used as a functioning technology quite recently. Its importance in the modern world can not be overestimated, so many global companies today are looking for the use of augmented reality in advertising purposes and begin to try different options for the use of this technology in practice. Of course, first of all, the demand for this technology is growing among large advertisers.

➡️Today in AR already managed to advertise the products such known large companies as: Starbucks, Volkswagen, Gold Streetwear, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, EA, Blizzard, Macdonalds, Toyota, Kellogg and General Mil, IKEA, Disney, Pepsi Co, Google, Facebook, Sony, Ubisoft, Amazon, Adidas and many others. Now the essence of their promotions is a local demonstration of augmented reality with the subsequent distribution of photos and videos on social networks.

➡️ARROUND project is a unique platform in the sphere of augmented reality, designed for communication, entertainment, advertising, sale of goods and services on the basis of a decentralized cryptocurrency economy. ARROUND – is the latest technological development, which will quickly gain popularity around the world!

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In order to raise funds for ARROUND project we have developed a special token of the project (ARR) which will be used not only within the frameworks of the ICO-campaign but also after its completion – as a universal internal currency of ARROUND ecosystem.

➡️ARR token properties:

*️⃣ limited issue – only 3 000 000 000 ARR tokens will be released;

*️⃣ for sales within the Pre-sale and Token Sale will be allocated only 1 695 000 000 tokens ARR, unsold during the ICO-campaign tokens will be burned;

*️⃣ for each sold token will be created automatically 0.77 token with a further allocation of special funds of tokens;

*️⃣the base cost of one ARR token is 0.035 USD;

*️⃣ ARR token will be used to carry out all transactions within ARROUND system, to participate in auctions, for renting advertising surfaces and as a deposit for the content of the blockchain system node. Join our project of the future, the Pre-sale stage has already started!

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▶️Blockchain On The ARROUND Platform

Using Blockchain on ARROUND

➡️Debuting into the sector as one of the most promising start-ups in the field of Augmented Reality (AR), ARROUND recognizes the need to deploy the latest and most reliable technologies on its platform, and that includes blockchain.

Blockchain: The Background

➡️The blockchain technology is basically a chain-like representation of database records in the form of blocks. Since the records are always growing, new blocks are continuously created, forming a large complex system that is decentralized.

➡️The verification of transactions through multiple points of reference makes the blockchain technology immune to fraud and void of glitches, making it the most secure distributed system ever.

From The CTO: The Role Of Block-Chain on the ARROUND Platform

*️⃣ARROUND’s Dmitry Livshin, company’s Chief Technology Officer:

➡️"In fact, blockchain opens up a number of new commercial opportunities on the platform, something that using a conventional payment system makes incredibly complex and requires a great deal of trust between the contracting parties. With blockchain, the trust is built-into the actual system, reducing the need for additional reputation based systems that complicate transactions and lead to internal market price discrepancies".

➡️Since it’s based on a distributed ledger system, the introduction of blockchain in AR will foster confidence and inspire the participants’ trust in the system as it works to ensure all transactions are transparent, mobile, and reliable. Also, owing to its high-security standards, the technology will greatly help secure the platform’s internal information and handle processing functions for token balances in transactions initiated by users through EC20 Smart Contracts.

Is ARROUND Prepared for Blockchain?

➡️For starters, ARROUND strives to provide the most reliable and secure infrastructure for blockchain to run on. To achieve this, ARROUND is developing all the digital layers of the product with the necessary functionality to support the continuous replication of its running environment in a manner most suitable for blockchain. This will allow a variety of content to be propagated within the ARROUND ecosystem and has the effect of entrenching the idea of the platform’s reliability among all users including developers, artists, and advertisers.

Understanding the power of the blockchain technology, it’s no surprise that next-generation technology companies like ARROUND would want to make it the core concept of the ARROUND augmented reality ecosystem.

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What ARROUND Brings To The Market

➡️Just a few years ago, it wasn’t even possible to imagine a technology capable of enhancing reality itself actually becoming a mainstream fixture of our daily lives. But a series of innovations in the microchip industry, in battery technology, in Big Data, geospatial positioning, blockchain and a host of others have all combined to bring Augmented Reality out of the movies and into the real world.

ARROUND Vs The Competition

➡️As a technological field, Augmented Reality had long been living under the shadow of Virtual Reality, but that has now changed as users and the marketplace understand that AR is about being mobile – it’s about being in the real world and living our normal lives with AR acting as an ever present assistant. In fact, total revenue generated from AR is much higher than that from VR, and the trend is only predicated to continue.

➡️While there are countless applications for AR technology, from virtual dinosaur theme parks to museums and galleries, ARROUND has chosen to launch in a very specific field, the area of shopping and advertising. This gives ARROUND a specific competitive advantage in being able to commercialize the product immediately and maximize potential revenues.

Flowing With The Trend

➡️ARROUND wants to offer users the best of the AR world, and new enhancements will be integrated into the platform by the global network of developers who are plugged into the ARROUND ecosystem and have the motivation to create new apps.
For this, the ARROUND platform introduces a mobile app, a systemic ecosystem, as well as lots of useful content for users. For example, the ARROUND Camera enables users to easily locate geo-tagged objects of interest like blogs, promo-campaigns and shops. The user has the power to turn their status visibility on or off whenever they like.

Why ARROUND Will Reign

➡️ARROUND has embarked on a focused campaign to attract as many contributors and users on board as possible. This is accomplished by way of presenting workable solutions to existing problems. It employs the biggest talents in operational and project management to ensure that the user is fully rewarded for their engagement, which will lead to the generation of positive reviews that will further position the company as a credible market leader.

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ARR: Introducing ARROUND Token

➡️ARROUND is stepping into the global market with a bang, and there’s even a louder bang caused by its introduction of an exchange tradable token to run its ecosystem. Enter ARR token.

The Token

➡️Since ARROUND accepts users from all around the world and deals solely in digital assets, it has made great efforts to embrace the emerging technologies that are making business easier and more beneficial. In this respect, ARR token has been introduced as the ultimate currency for all ARROUND users.

Tokens On ARROUND Platform

➡️Good news is that you can use tokens to trade digital goods and services on ARROUND platform, and as the tokens are based on ERC20 smart contracts, all parties involved in any trade can be sure that each and every trade is safe.

➡️The basics of operating within ARROUND platform is to employ its facilities in the propagation of digital content in an effort to boost the trade volume within the ecosystem, and this trade will only happen when users acquire the tokens that are the universal currency in ARROUND world.

Significance Of ARR Token On The Platform

➡️With ARR being the currency of the platform, all users and advertisers will need to use ARR to transact on ARROUND. ARROUND runs an ecosystem based explicitly on a token economy. The only time a user transacts using fiat currencies is when buying the tokens at the exchange. All other transactions on the platform are token-based.

➡️Through the introduction of a common currency on the platform, the ecosystem stands to gain by normalizing trade as well as boosting transactional integrity. In other words, since all users are using the same currency, and with the added benefit of smart contracts all participants know that trust is no longer an issue.

It’s clear that the buzz caused by ARR token on ARROUND platform is bound to bring about a revolution in how online-based platforms run their business, and ARROUND is ready to be at the forefront of this revolution.

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We are going to continue our acquaintance with a team of the project professionals ARROUND! Today we would like to present to your attention the Chief Executive Officer of our project – Neil Bryant.

➡️In the recent past, Neil has held positions in the top management in a number of major international publications and IT companies, such as Alpari Limited, Payonline, Interfax, Russia Today and others. He has extensive experience in managing Internet startups and successful global projects of media resources and social networks which have a multi-million audience of users.

➡️All the experience gained during his career Neil will focus on the development and promotion of the project ARROUND among investors and ordinary users.

Are there any questions to Neil about the project ARROUND? Ask it right here or contact Neil on LinkedIn!

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ARROUND Token Sale pinned «Dear subscribers! ➡️We have decided that for a more time-efficient communication a chatroom will work much better than just an informational channel! ➡️That's why we are switching our community to a Telegram chat and invite you to join it here: https…»