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Introducing CTC-AE+, the most downloaded CTC Adverse Event reference app, now with patient tracker
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The new CTC-AE+ release 3.1, now with bookmarks, is available on the App Store to keep the list of the most common adverse events at just one tap away. Download here
Disponibile il nuovo ESAMed V1.2 con 6700 domande in 14 categorie di clinica e pre-clinica. Scaricabile su AppStore con questo link
[Available in Italian language only]
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Try the new Dilution+ and calculate in a few clicks how much solvent you need to dilute your solution. A simple neuomorphic designs, ready for dark mode and now with a new molarity calculator.
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Update 1.0.1 of Asteroid Close Approach with an important hot fix has been submitted and will be soon available. Thank you for your feedback.
Introducing the new Asteroid Widget! Available today on the #AppStore. Download now Asteroid Close Approach 1.1
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Available today on Apple Watch, check the latest asteroids approaching Earth and the other solar system planets. Download now from the App Store