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This is your brain on Augmented Reality💥
Personal care companies are also now eager to find new consumers in a fun, educational and entertaining way.⚡️
The line between the real and virtual worlds continues to blur, allowing for breathtaking experiences that were previously only available in the imaginations of science fiction writers.🚀

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Education has significantly benefited from technological advancements over the last few decades as access to information and technology has become more widespread.

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3D modeling has come a long way since its beginnings in the mathematical principles of ancient philosophers. Today, it is an essential tool in many industries that continues to evolve.💥
AR is transforming every facet of our everyday lives as the technology continues to grow and provide solutions to everyday challenges.🔥

Let's see how AR is changing the travel & tourism industry via👇
In the 70s, shading techniques were all the rage and even the coolest teapots were getting in on the action🚀
In the face of changing workplaces, it is crucial to keep up with innovative technologies to support skills development. 🌪

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And the roots of 3D modeling and printing go back to the even 60s!🚀
While we have visions of AR being futuristic gadgets. mass consumer AR adoption in communication began with messaging.🤯

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3D modeling played a major role in the evolution of movies and video games in the 2000s.🚀
From CGI creatures and environments to character design, 3D modeling was essential in bringing fictional worlds to life on screen.
Edge computing is part of the new format of the internet utilizing decentralization as a means of performing faster and at a higher level than we currently experience in our data storage and dissemination.💥

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Greetings ARize fam!

We're excited to share an overview of our progress in 2022 and our plans for 2023 and beyond🚀

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The future of 3D is looking more promising than ever before! 🚀

With continued advancements in technology and accessibility, we're seeing an explosion of creativity everywhere! 🔥

And the possibilities are endless...
What is mixed reality? MR incorporates virtual objects into your real life in real time and combines online content with the physical world around you.

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The potential of mixed reality (MR) is still being explored, but there are many benefits that the technology can bring to companies.🚀

Let's take a look at some of these advantages and how they can impact your business.👇
In the past, 3D modeling was primarily used in math and science.
But who knew it would become a game-changer in so many industries?
The tourism industry is in the best position to capitalize on virtual reality.

When clients are looking for an exciting and new experience that gives them a better feel for travel options, there is nothing better than actually stepping into a place and seeing it for yourself.🔥

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Thanks to the revolutionary design processes with the use of real-time modeling in CAD systems, we are able to create amazing products more efficiently than in the past!🚀
While AR is not a new technology, we are using it today in ways which we have not seen it used before, which is why its introduction into our lifestyles has such a sizeable impact.

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