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Mod3 is out in beta-ISO folder for testing. optimus-manager support.
The themed editions for october have been removed and are being re-released due to a major bug discovery that is crashing the installer. Sorry for this.
It seems that we have a regression. The problem which I had reported for the themed editions is also being reported in Plasma Pure. Some of these errors have just somehow skipped passed regular testing.

Hence I have decided to do the entire release once again after thorough regression testing. This re-release date will be informed to you in advanced. It will be soon, either on Monday or Tuesday.

Till then the problematic ISOs will be removed. Sorry for this.
Arch Linux GUI
This video can be used as a reference to build your own edition of ALG, with the Window Managers you want.

You can take the i3/bspwm editions as base.
ALG Zen edition is going to be released today, to celebrate Plasma's 25 years, with Anniversary desktop.

This new zen edition will have many more new features. All information will be updated on the website & sourceforge experimental edition's folder.
There will NOT be a November release as we are migrating our resources to VPS provided by Fosshost. This will take some time.
Net-installer is out for testing in beta-iso folder.
GNOME 41 under evaluation for next release.