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🖥 Desktop App or Web App: pros and cons 🖥

Software development projects often start with a common dilemma: desktop vs web application. 🤔

Let’s see what is the difference between these two, so you can solve the dilemma for yourself and start the development.
🧱 How Builds Apps 🧱

Some no-code platforms can build ready-to-use mobile and web applications, the components of which will be the same as those created by professional developers. 👍

But, what stages are involved in no-code apps development? Let’s discover this in the short article.
🎨 Review on Web Application Designer 🎨

Design is one of the most exciting parts of the application building process. 😄

At we have a visual builder with a drag & drop interface that allows you to design your app without any complications.

Get to know all components and sections of the Web Application Designer here.
🚫 Cons of no-code development 🚫

No-code development is appealing, and we have already talked about its pros and benefits.

However, it is important to understand the hidden drawbacks that you might encounter while dealing with no-code, so let’s look at them in this article.

Another report on the main changes that we have performed on our no-code platform over the past month. 🤟

Get to know all fresh updates on and start building your apps with higher efficiency and more capabilities in October.
🎬 New videos on YouTube channel 🎬

We have launched a new set of video tutorials, from which you can learn more about no-code and how to operate on the platform. 🤩

New tutorials will be released every day during this month. Make sure you don’t miss any of them!

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
🗣 No-code FAQ: answering frequently asked questions from users 🗣

The second edition of our new QA rubric is finally here!

Get to know more about no-code app development and what our platform can do for you.
📱Advantages of mobile apps 📱

Let’s talk about native apps.

Check out this short article and learn the pros & cons of Native Mobile Apps and how can help you to develop them.
⚡️ Types of data that works with ⚡️

Many auto-generation functions depend on the selected data type. Make sure that the types you choose match your app's work data.

Check out the data types available on here.
🤩 "Tips & Tricks" on the YouTube channel 🤩

More video tutorials on the YouTube Channel!

We know that visual learning makes it easier to understand all technicalities of no-code and our platform, we tried to make our videos as simple as possible to ease the process of learning. 🤟

Check out the new videos and start developing your apps faster!
🧩 Factors affecting the CRM implementation in business 🧩

Customer Relationship Management system collects and keeps track of all business data in one place.

It is a needed tool if you are building a “customer-centric” organization or aiming for information transparency in your internal working environment.

What are the external and internal factors impacting the adoption of CRM. Build a new CRM or use the ready-made system - what is better? 🤔

Discover all answers here.
🔥 no-code platform updates | October 2021 🔥

Meet November with new product updates of the platform.

New features, new website and many other internal platform updates are waiting to be discovered by you!
Requirements for publishing applications in the Google Play and App Store in 2021

Google Play and the Apple App Store are by far the two largest platforms to distribute and promote apps.

Publishing in these stores is the end goal of app development, they provide access to the vast audience that converts to our users.

However, sometimes, publishing an app is tricky. It is important to comply with some requirements for your application to successfully pass moderation and be published. 🤯

Thus, we’ve created for you the newest instruction with all updates and changes included about app publishing.

Make sure to check it out!
🔥 10 apps and platforms built with no-code 🔥

Get inspired!

We have compiled the list of real apps and platforms built with no-code. 🤩

These examples prove that no-code products can become part of large successful projects.

Be creative, experiment and turn your idea into a real application in no time.

We are launching the Beta program, within which we give developers access to the beta version of the platform completely free of charge without any functionality restrictions. Beta is a pilot version of the platform that contains the latest and often under-tested functionality with many changes. This is a great opportunity to understand the no-code platform and see if it is suitable for your project, as well as work in beta mode.

What to expect if you participate:
- Work with the newest features, before they are officially released
- Up to 20 platform updates per day
- Collected and published projects work almost as stable as on production
- Up to 20 projects per account, including mobile applications and everything else that works (and doesn't work either)
- Fair-usage policy for all beta accounts - no spam, no brute-force, etc.
- It will be necessary to report the errors encountered
- Unlimited term of use.
📝 How to Write a Proposal. Examples and Templates for Your Proposal 📝

Some of us have great projects in mind for which we want to find investment and potential buyers. To do that, it is required to know how to write a compelling project proposal.

We have created a detailed instruction for you, in which we discuss the project proposal:

- Why do you need project proposals?
- How to write proposals?
- How to develop good project proposal templates?

Make sure to check it out, and good luck with your project!
💰 What to charge for your app and what’s the value of it? 💰

You spent money, your time, put in a lot of effort, and finally, your app is ready. Now comes the new challenge: what to charge for your app? 🤔

We have created an article for you to discover all pricing models and establish the price tag of your application.

Good luck!
📱 TOP 10 Mobile App UI Design Ideas in 2022 📱

As an app creator, what do you do to boost downloads and make users love your app from first sight and never cancel their subscriptions?

Keep up with app development and design trends, of course! 🔥

This article is about mobile UI’s hottest design trends for 2022. Make your application stand out!
⚡️ no-code platform updates | November 2021⚡️

We are starting this winter season with significant updates and improvements. Check out what was changed and added to the platform!

Also, we have created an Community on Facebook! There you can ask questions, share ideas and receive content updates before anyone else. 👍

We are inviting you to join.
📱 How to Convert Android App To iOS 📱

Sadly, converting an Android app into iOS doesn’t exactly mean to push some kind of a button or a specific tool that will migrate the data from one platform to the other. 🥲

So, we have created an instruction with five key stages that you need to accomplish during the converting process of the Android app to iOS or vice versa, iOS to another platform.