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Take part in testing of the new platform and become the first users of ChatsApp24 for Telegram.

Friends, ChatsApp24 is based on a platform with a complex architecture. We are pleased to announce that we have reached a new level of its development. Now we can develop faster, namely:
• Create integrations not only with Bitrix24, but also with other CRM;
• Develop chat rooms for different instant messengers, such as Telegram;
• Increase fault tolerance of services.

Now we invite you to participate in the testing of the new platform. You will be the first to appreciate the main advantage - stable messaging even with interruptions on the Bitriks24 or WhatsApp side. In addition, you will be the first to receive the ChatsApp24 application for Telegram, which will soon be ready for testing.

Join the development of ChatsApp24 and go one step ahead of the competition.
To participate in the testing, please email our support staff:
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The new 5th version was moderated. New fault-resistant service architecture for high loads. The beginning has been laid for expanding the capabilities of ChatsApp24. We recommend that you "update" the application
Technical work on the server!

After updating the WhatsApp for the correct operation of applications, we work on our servers. Because of this, accounts can reboot themselves, messages are sent and come with a delay. We will try to fix the problems in a short time and report the completion of the work. Thank you for understanding.
​​Chat Bot is not Hype Word but Real Support Team Assistant

Clients were accustomed to calling various contact centers in order to solve their issues without leaving home. Due to the current pandemic, people now have less personal contacts, but they make more calls and send more requests instead. Thus, they sufficiently increase workload over the support teams. To cope with the current situation, companies have to bolster the staffing of the Call Centers and support teams. The demand for the new staff is high, but finding qualified personnel is not as easy as it seems. Besides, it takes time to teach and get the newcomers acquainted with specific features of this profession. Chat bots cannot replace people so far, but they surely can assist them.

App BotApp24 allows you to connect the chat bot to the Open Channels. Twenty-four seven, the chat bot will be dealing with the standard customers’ questions and send them replies. For example, customers may ask the following questions:
• How do I receive my order?
• How much does the delivery cost?
• How to extend a license? and many more.

The chat bot has easy-to-understand advantages. “How do I create one?” you may ask. To make it easier for you, we added a detailed description to our Help

Give a try to the chat bot. We do believe that it may bring your business to the next level.
If your account is unstable

If your account is unstable, please log in to your profile, go to My Licenses, and click Device Status. In the window that opens, click Clear Queue. In the near future, an update will be released to work with the message queue.
Good afternoon! There are problems in the open channels of Bitrix24, messages aren't sent in the standard open channels with an applications. We wrote to technical support, we're waiting for elimination. We're also preparing a new version of the Alternative Chat, for such cases of OC Bitrix failures.
We observe the restoration of the open channel module Bitrix24, have a good day!
At the moment there is instability in the work on some accounts. Technicial specialists are already working on the problem, urgent unscheduled restoration work is being carried out. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Technical work on upgrading the proxy server has been completed. Have a productive communication!
​​New! A bot that collects customer feedbacks and ratings

Now BotApp24 can find feedbacks in correspondence and save them to Google Sheets.

What does it mean
In our opinion, the most useful reviews are those received on time:
• When a client has a problem and he wrote himself an indignant message in the company's chat or vice versa - he is completely delighted and expresses his gratitude;
• When the manager has just finished working with the client and quite appropriately asks: “Tell me, please, are you satisfied with the solution of the problem? Is there anything else I can help you with? Do you have any wishes for our product? ";
• When an important stage of the transaction is completed and a special bot asks the customer about the impressions, for example, the day after the delivery of the goods.
Reviews that customers write in these situations, BotApp24 can now find in correspondence and save.

How it works
The company has a Google Spreadsheet, in which the bot creates a new sheet every month. This month's reviews are saved on the sheet. At the same time, customers can write simply text reviews or reviews with ratings, for example, from 1 to 10 - depending on the settings of the bot.
The table displays a special column - Client ID. It contains links. Clicking on the link opens a client card in the Bitrix24. The card displays the history of the correspondence. Sometimes it helps to understand the reasons for this particular review or customer assessment.
A separate plus of storing reviews in the Google Sheets is a powerful analysis tools. The data can be sorted, filtered, and visual graphs can be built for the samples.

How to setup
If you are already using a bot with artificial intelligence, then in order to teach it to collect feedback, you just need to import ready-made settings into a Dialogflow, create a Google Sheets and give the bot access rights to the table. Detailed instruction is described in the help
If you don't have a bot yet, you can configure it using the same help. Or contact support. Then we'll set up the bot for you.
⚠️ ️ Due to a glitch on the WhatsApp side, some customers have problems with a sharing files.
If you have see the same problem, please, reboot your account in the app settings in the Bitrix24 or in your Personal Account.
⚠️ Technical work is underway on the servers, so ChatsApp accounts can independently reboot. The update will take a several hours, after which the work will be restored. Sorry for the inconvenience.
ChatsApp API - integration with WhatsApp

ChatsApp API is a tool for installing WhatsApp integration with any other system: a corporate website, 1C, SAP, SED, or your own development.

API Features:
WhatsApp integration with the online store to inform the customer in the messenger about the order status;
adding a button to the site that opens a dialog with the courier in WhatsApp, tech. support or manager;
integration with 1C, for direct sending of accounting documents to counterparties;
setting up automatic requests from customers for reviews, surveys, and feedback via WhatsApp directly from the BPM system;
widget on the corporate portal, for quick communication with colleagues on WhatsApp.

These are just a few examples. We suggest that you discuss in the comments which of your systems you would like or have already added a link to WhatsApp? What are the difficulties or successful cases? 👇
Let's discuss about automation rules for WhatsApp in Bitrix24?

Sometimes, after installing and configuring the app, an important detail slips out of sight – together with ChatsApp24, you get three automation rules for free, which are able to send messages, files and documents to customers in WhatsApp at a certain stage of the lead, task, deals or Workflow Designer.

You can use the automation rules in different ways. Here are just three examples.

💪 How to save money on SMS
Now the rule of good taste is to notify customers at what stage the order is at. For example, you can send the track number of the parcel, write when the product is delivered to the pick-up point, etc. Information messages can be sent in SMS. And you can save money and use three automation rules:
• the first one will check whether WhatsApp is installed on the client's phone;
• second – if WhatsApp is installed, send a message to the client in the chat;
• third – if WhatsApp isn't present, it will send the information in an SMS.

For an example of configuration, see follow the link.

💪 How to save a business card in the gallery of the client's phone
The automation rule"ChatsApp24 for WhatsApp Send file" can send files to clients from the Bitrix24 disk. For example, it can be configured so that after a phone conversation between the manager and the client, the robot sends a business card in JPEG format to the client in WhatsApp. Pictures sent to WhatsApp are usually automatically saved to your phone's gallery. Thus, the business card will remain at the client's "hand", if, of course, he is interested in it.

For an example of configuration, see follow the link.

💪How to automatically create and send monthly payment documents
Let's say there is an accounting agency that needs to send reports to clients every month. It can automate the process if it configures:
• the automation rule that will create new acts (CRM documents) every month.
• the automation rule that will send the created invoices to customers in WhatsApp.
• repeat sending of invoices every month using the standard features of Bitrix24.

For an example of configuration, see follow the link.

Please share the main insight of the news in the comments. We're curious about what you'll learn from it 👇
⚠️We fixed the problem with a Brazilian numbers.
You may not see a new conversation in a previously opened dialogue. Just close the old dialogs and do the duplicate control as well. Bitrix24 has improved this function.
⚠️ We observe problems (circles) in all applications of a Bitrix24 open channels. For the stable operation of the channel, we are actively developing a new version of an alternative chat that bypasses the OL Bitrix24. Dangling messages are sent, but there is a delay in sending.
⚠️We received a notification from Bitrix24 about the completion of work to eliminate failures in the operation of Open Channels, when many portals experienced great difficulties with sending messages. All problems with delay and loss in message delivery from Open Channel connectors have been eliminated.