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Proffessor Pinnochio O'Neill, the professional liar
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A message from Dave Cullen - HTL Claremorris
June 11, 2022
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Prof. Luke O’Neill Caught Out On More Lies

Lies are like cockroaches. For every one found there are many more than are hidden. It becomes hard to keep track of lies when you tell so many.
This could be fun lads......
Forwarded from The Irish Git (Michael Brazil)
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Free speech Assembly in July
My friends
Social media is censoring my videos and photos more and more. My publications are becoming more and more inconvenient for the system. So that you can be informed about my new films and photos, I recommend you subscribe to my blog. To do this, go to the following address: In the bottom right corner you will find the FOLLOW button (see added photo). Click this button, enter your e-mail address and you will be informed about my new posts.
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Varadkar's reductive ad hominem attack & threat to regular people who complain, who value sovereignty & oppose elites & the EU ruining their lives. He can't contain his glee. He delights in getting away with manipulation & threats. #DupingDelight #LoseYourJobLeo
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The cost of living crisis and how you caused it!
Forwarded from John Caulfield
-Galway 9th/10th July from 12pm

-Monster Free Speech rally

-Make arrangements to get there ASAP! 💚🇨🇮
Free Speech Monster Rally in Galway
Join us!
Saturday, July 9, 2022 Start at 12 o'clock
Sunday, July 10, 2022 Start at 12 o'clock
Announcement of the protest to be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10, 2022 in Galway
All the film files used in the video were recorded by me during the protests in Galway in 2020 - 2022.
Forwarded from The Irish Git (Michael Brazil)
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Sure you are all only racists now.......
Forwarded from Andy Heasman (Andy)
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A small clip of the interview with David o Reilly and Andy Heasman. Part one will be out very soon, I tell all in this explosive interview as I speak about my personal life, prison and why I do what I do. Please share with your friends and family, my story could help others in these crazy times. Subscribe at
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Share far and wide please.
Yes it is your fault you slimy lockdown supporting traitor!

Your Zero Covid agenda now means Zero Money for the Irish people. Keep your mask on and get back in your box Paul, the people despise you.

Forwarded from Tracey O'Mahony
I have heard a lot of people doubting whether Glenn Miller was actually found guilty in court this week for organising a protest.
Some probably out of a level of distrust, while others (regardless of the state of this country) do not believe the Gardai/Courts would go so far as to publicly declare protesting illegal.
I went to meet Glenn yesterday (partially because the outcome of his case is very important to our Constitutional challenge to the Covid-19 laws).
I will release a short video (yes, short) later this week which will provide conclusive evidence that Glenn was in fact charged and found guilty of organising a protest and that the Government/Gardai/Courts are coming after YOUR right to protest, like never experienced before.
If you have an issue with Glenn or Yellow Vest, my strong and sincere advice is that the legal cases Glenn is involved in could just as easily be you - and his case will create a precedent that YOU must live with.
I am not one to shout about unity because I respect that we all have individual beliefs and principles.
All I am asking is that you realise that these cases are not actually about Glenn, they are about you.
More to follow during the week.