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Update! Currently I am home quarantined for the next week or more. This time will be used to catch up orders, get suits mailed, finish some current suits, and make progress on others. I will also being clearing out some items to upload to my shop.

Anileu Works is moving to be a full time business which will help catch up queue and keep the store ahead of schedule.

I am also using some of this time to work on packing personal items and moving to storage.
Todays Schedule:

-Deer & Kush Progress
-Commission Base Preps
New to 2021

-Mobile Friendly Shop Update
-New Bases
-Shipping Guarantee Policy
-Transitioning to full time
This Weeks Priorities

-Shop Orders
- Finalize BlossomDoe, Echo, Dino & CandyCorn
-Kush Progress
-Parts Queue Progress
-2nd Adopt Batch
Starting February 2021

-Daily Shipments for online orders
-Minimum 2 custom orders completed per month
-Minimum 1 premade order completed per month
-Weekly Adopt Batches
-Set contact hours

Anileu Works will be operating full time to focus on customer satisfaction
Official Business Hours! Effective Feb 15th

This will be the days and times 100% dedicated to custom work and the business. This includes ensuring all customers are up to date and messages are answered

I chose the business hours to work around my family. It is important for me to have time with my husband and daughter, along with having a break for personal work if desired.

Hours may change around events, holidays, emergencies
Just an update. Work flow may be a bit on/off for some projects during our move. Etsy will not reopen until we are full time. I can only work on 2 fursuits once the craft room is packed so things may slow down for about a week.
Just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone being so patient this past year! Post partum depression is very real and I am amazed at how strong people can be as they work through it. I am very excited for the changes coming up in February and to bring some new suits to life for my clients.

I am continuing to work through my Etsy and Fursuit queue so orders can be caught up. Things will go much smoother once transitioned full time. Thank you everyone who has been so supportive and reached out.
February's premade design has been released. She will be available as a partial with upgrade options. This is based on us doing 1 premade per month once full time. Premades are done after hours.

#fursuitpremade #fursuitwip #fursuitforsale

Art by KristelleC
Trello will be updated thos weekend including placing suits in completion order
While we move fursuit commissions will be hold. This is for about 2 weeks or so while we set up the new space. Shop orders and art will continue during the move, as well as finalizing any suits ready to ship (premade and custom). I apologize for the break but it will be for the best so I can hurry and convert full time sooner. Trello is still being update with rough dates for everyone. Thank you