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My life began when I was born and then again when I found out WHY.
Colossian 3:23-24
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Happy Father's Day dad.
It's Freedom Sunday!
Celebrating this United States and the blessings from God.

Watch and sing along with me.

It's the Lord's day!
He is worthy to be praised.
Worship with me
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🇧🇷As eleições estão quase aqui. Quer aprender mais? Assista o vídeo.
🇺🇸Elections are almost here. You want to know more? Watch the video

Today's reading reminds us that people are just people. And God is the one to be loved and trusted
Don't be disillusioned. 👆.
Read on🙏

Let's worship together. Jesus is worthy of our praise.
It's all His!