PODCAST: A retired academic talks about race, New York City, and censorship in ways that would have gotten him fired when he was still a professor.

VIDEO: Jared Taylor guts one of the craziest "conservative" ideas making the rounds — that "the Democrats are the real racists" — and explains why it is both stupid and dangerous.

PODCAST: @gregoryhood speaks with one of the most important new publishing houses, Imperium Press, about their editions of historical, philosophical, and classical texts. This is the place to start for those looking to deepen their political and cultural education, or even build a curriculum for home-schooling.

PODCAST: Jared Taylor and his co-host celebrate one “progressive” California DA’s ouster and pray for the next. They also discuss Blake Masters, the Harvard crawl, “adhan” in Minneapolis, what’s getting “unapologetically blacker,” and why it’s caravan time again.

"The 1865 Project is a set of legal constraints put on white people by other white people in order to bind them into an unhappy civic marriage with black people. When the multiracial utopia doesn’t arrive, the 1619ers blame the persistence of racism while the 1776ers and MLK-Cons say it’s due to
'big government.' What almost no one will say is that the project is fundamentally flawed. It hasn’t worked and it’s not going to work." - Anthony Bryan

"The 'Hispanic' category, once scoffed at by demographers as meaningless and too small, is now the largest non-white group in the United States, about 63 million people. And the people who established the category knew what they were doing." - @gregoryhood

"When white men are acquitted, we are told that a black man would have been found guilty. When a black man is acquitted, there is silence." - John North

PODCAST: @gregoryhood speaks with Robert Wallace of Counter-Currents about building institutions, some whitepills about the state of white identity politics, and the need for “patrons” to step forward to ensure victory.

"The War College’s report is largely forgotten — and it’s obvious why. It undermines liberal myths about blacks and American history. It is a story of blacks shirking their duty and fleeing the field. The report is from a time when American officers were race realists, unafraid of inconvenient truths." - Robert Hampton

PODCAST: Jared Taylor and his co-host learn of rap in which blacks taunt and threaten to kill each other. The hosts also discuss Drag Queen Story Hour, “shade equity,” the perils of black dating, the prospects of civil war, and “barber beware.”

"If you stray from the politically correct position on VA incompetence, guns, masks, vaccines, transgenders in sports, Drag Queen Story Hour, election fraud, demographic transformation, Black Lives Matter or abortion, you and your children can be tagged, flagged and bagged for life." - Michelle Malkin

PODCAST: Jared Taylor and his co-host talk about the devastating trend in “rapid onset gender dysphoria” among whites. They also discuss Juneteenth, what a woke Fed would be like, Texas secession, Toronto groveling, and what’s “kind of terrifying.”

"There will be no singing 'Kum Ba Yah' around the campfire. Instead, there will be burning cities, race wars, and millions more destroyed lives, white and black both; all because a small white liberal 'elite' wants power and control over other people’s lives, forever!" - Anonymous American

VIDEO: Jared Taylor explains what the Juneteenth holiday means — nation-building for blacks and nation-wrecking for whites — and what it ought to mean: separate nations.

"Ideas do not spread in powerful and convincing ways because of clarity and richness of language or unstoppable logic, but according to rules of marketing." - Timothy Vorgenss